Womens Tube Socks

Womens Tube Socks

Our company specializes in manufacturing and selling various socks, such as men's socks, women's socks, sports socks, boat socks, baby socks, children's socks, army socks, diabetic socks, pantyhoses and leggings. Moreover, we accept OEM orders and make products as per customers' requests.

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 Product Name:

womens tube socks

Material components:



standard Women size 17cm tube 6cm cuff fit for US6-10


1000pairs/color/size; Low MOQ 300-500pairs/color/size is accepted for OEM or branding logo and branding package.


plain knitted, 5colors/lot,20pairs/pack, five colors mixed in a pack

OEM Service/Custom brand service

1.Customize samples according to customer's requests :size, color, material, logo etc.

2.Customize package like insert card, hang tag, color boxes, are accepted

3.Customize branding logo by woven, jacquard, printing, embroidery, etc.

4.Sample time:7working days

5.Sample charge: Customized sample charge according to customized requests .in-stock samples is for free.

6.Sample charge refund policy: when orders in future reach 3000pairs can be refunded

7.production time:25days


Eco-Friendly, no feel seamless toe sew no rub style, anti slip, sweat absorbant,

payment term

30%T/T as deposit, Trade assurance, Security payment, Paypal


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All type sock we can provide !!!

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Our Service !!!

What kind of socks for the elderly is good

Older people need to penetrate the gas and socks with good moisture, which is beneficial to the evaporation of sweat. From the texture, the bacteria multiply in socks on the order of polyester, nylon, wool, cotton yarn and silk stockings. Therefore, the socks for the elderly are preferably wool, cotton yarn or silk.

In order to prevent the socks from falling, many elderly people like to wear tight socks and even have red marks on their ankles. This is very detrimental to health. The ankle is an important juncture in the blood circulation of the foot. If the tightness of the socks is appropriate, the venous blood can smoothly flow back to the heart through the ankle. If the socks are too tight, the venous blood that is supposed to flow back to the heart will stagnate near the ankle and make the heart. The burden increases, and long-term depression will lead to high blood pressure. Buy socks, if socks are too tight, may wish to help the socks through the iron "fat": to find a moderate width of the cardboard shell, socks will be propped up, socks on both sides of the mouth gently ironing, so that The tight socks can be loosened a lot.

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