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Our company specializes in manufacturing and selling various socks, such as men's socks, women's socks, sports socks, boat socks, baby socks, children's socks, army socks, diabetic socks, pantyhoses and leggings. Moreover, we accept OEM orders and make products as per customers' requests.

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Women cotton gold glitter socks




Soft, warm comfortable; eco-friendly


15/17 18/20 21/23 24/26 27/30 31/34 35/38 According to the customer




to customer




1pair/ polybag,1 dozen / master bag (can be discussed)


L/C at sight

T/T at sight


within 60 days after samples confirmed

Sample time

7-15 days


100 0pairs


rosso-linking , hand-linking




84N, 96N, 108N, 120N, 144N, 168N and 200N, double and single cylinder available


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All type sock we can provide !!!

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Our Service !!!

1. Produce socks matchable the clothes you offered.


2. If you have your initial design idea, we will better it, making your design into reality.


3. Produce socks you designed.


All socks are inseparable material fabric: Polyamide

Nylon is the name of a synthetic fiber with Chinese characteristics, people are more familiar with another name - nylon. Nylon's scientific name is polyamide fiber. Nylon is similar to nylon in terms of its properties. It is strong and wear-resistant, and it is the most wear-resistant and strongest kind of synthetic fiber. The weight is very light and the elasticity is good. Adding nylon to the socks can maintain high-strength elasticity. Nylon is almost the main material for all stovepipe socks (or varicose stockings). Note that the D in the stovepipe socks refers to the textile density, usually the larger the number, the greater the thickness and pressure. For health reasons, high-D stovepipe socks should not wear for a long time.


Nylon was developed by American scientist Carothers and a research team under his leadership. It is the first synthetic fiber in the world. The appearance of nylon has renewed the appearance of textiles. Its synthesis is a major breakthrough in the synthetic fiber industry. An important milestone in polymer chemistry.

Acrylic / Acrylic

Acrylic is the more international name. Acrylic is the name of polyacrylonitrile in our country. It is soft, light and warm. It is called “artificial wool”. Its weight is more than 10% lighter than wool, but its strength is twice as big. many. Acrylics do not become moldy, they are not susceptible to insects, they are also twice as resistant to sunlight and 10 times larger than cotton. In the seventies and eighties of the last century, southern women said that "inflated wool" was acrylic. The plush called acrylic was particularly light and soft, and it was deeply loved by people at the time. However, there is a very big drawback of acrylic plants is that it is easy to pill, poor wear resistance, acrylic is added to the fabric to enjoy its light and warm thermal properties. In fact, the fiber blended with acrylic wool and cashmere wool is also known as wool nitrile. It is also a very popular wool variety in the 1970s and 1980s, because both acrylic and wool have excellent thermal properties.

It is difficult to imagine that bathtubs and clothing socks are made of acrylic material. The biggest difference is that the bathtub is made of acrylic wood, while the clothing socks are made of acrylic fibers, such as warm pantyhose in spring and winter.


Polypropylene is a name with Chinese characteristics. It should actually be polypropylene fiber, so it is named polypropylene. Polypropylene has a slightly lighter texture, but its moisture absorption is very weak and it is almost non-hygroscopic, so the moisture regain rate is close to zero. However, its wicking effect is quite strong and can transmit water vapor through the fibers in the fabric. This also means that the socks containing the polypropylene component have a very strong perspiration function. And because the strength of polypropylene is very high and it is resistant to stretching, it is often seen in sports socks that it contains polypropylene.


Compared with natural fibers, polyester has good elasticity and fluffiness, and the woven socks are lighter. In the past, people used to wear cool shirts in order to enjoy its lightness. However, polyesters have low moisture content, poor air permeability, poor dyeability, and are prone to pilling and stains.

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