Wool Ankle Socks

Wool Ankle Socks

Customized breathable ankle terry socks comfortable winter warm men wool socks

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Customized winter warm mens wool ankle socks


Any color you want






Anti-Slip, Breathable, Eco-Friendly, Snagging Resistance, Sporty, Anti-Bacterial




Spring, Summer and Autumn ,winter

Payment way

1. T/T 30% deposit before production and balance before delivery or against by B/L if sea shipment                                                     
2. L/C at sight if sea shipment

Lead  time for samples 

3-7 days

Lead  time  for max productions 

For customized order, about 35 days after approvied samples; For stock, 3days

Port of delivery 

Shanghai , Ningbo port in China


1pair, 1lable, 10pairs, a oppbag or follow client requirement

Shipping way 

By courier as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS or by sea 


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All type sock we can provide !!!

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Our Service !!!

Select socks must look carefully socks mouth

In order to prevent the socks from falling, many friends like to wear socks with tight socks and even red marks on the ankle. As everyone knows, tight socks are very bad for health.

The ankle is an important juncture in the blood circulation of the foot. If the socks are properly elasticized, the venous blood can smoothly flow back to the heart through the ankle. If the socks are too tight, the venous blood that should have flowed back to the heart stagnates near the ankle. The burden on the heart increases, and long-term or even lead to high blood pressure. People often feel cold feet, which may be due to too tight socks, because the arterial blood can not reach the feet in time, resulting in lower metabolism of the feet. In addition, too tight socks, but also lead to thickening of the foot skin stratum corneum, become rough, dry, will lead to corn eyes, mats and so on.

Middle-aged and old friends should pay special attention, because this group of people often have different levels of high blood lipids, arteriosclerosis, socks and local pressure on the ankle often lead to increased blood pressure, severe cases and even induce heart disease. Diabetic patients with lower extremities and feet often have different degrees of poor blood circulation, tight socks is tantamount to "smoothing", easy to induce or aggravate diabetic foot.

Therefore, when we select socks, we should also consider whether the tightness of the socks is appropriate, in addition to its texture and size. Socks that have been bought back, if the socks are too tight, may use the steam iron to quickly "fat" the socks. The specific approach is: first use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of the ankle, and then find a discarded cardboard box of moderate width, hold the sock mouth up, according to the texture of the sock, set the temperature of the electric iron, socks on both sides Gently press each one so that the tighter socks can be loosened.

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