Mens Ivory Dress Socks

Detail Information Of This Product The Pictures Of Our Factory All type sock we can provide !!! Our Service !!! How to let you ideas to be socks 1. Produce socks matchable the clothes you offered. 2. If you have your initial design idea, we will better it, making your design into reality 3....

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Product Details

Detail Information Of This Product 


Mens Ivory Dress Socks


Men or woman


cotton blend, combed cotton, bamboo etc


foot 20cm length, 20cm leg length

as per your requirements


About 40 g


Can make as per the designs and color number you   provide.






Very comfortable to wear
Permeability finally smell

It is fashionable in style wild
Good wear resistance and elasticity


one pair per label,6pairs in a opp bag,30-50dozens in a  compressed bag or as per your requiremnets.


30%T/T in advance and the balance should be paid before shipment.


depends on the material, weight


Shanghai or other ports


20-40 days 



The Pictures Of Our Factory

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All type sock we can provide !!!

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Our Service !!!



How to let you ideas to be socks

1. Produce socks matchable the clothes you offered.


2. If you have your initial design idea, we will better it, making your design into realitywomen socks .jpg

3.  Produce socks you designed. 

men socks .jpg

Happy socks, full of fashion

Every household will have a lot of socks to wash, many people do not like to wash socks, because it is very dirty, it is difficult to clean, in fact, master the method, washing socks is still very simple. What are the steps to wash socks? What are the tips for washing socks? Let's take a look!

Steps to wash socks

In general, the socks are preferably washed separately, and it is best to use hand washing, so that the washing is more thorough. Here are a few tips for washing your socks.

1. Take off and wash immediately. Do not wash without washing. It takes no less than a few minutes to wash a sock. At this time, the sweat is not dry, and it is easy to be washed off.

2, put the basin of water, put some detergent or laundry detergent, mix the socks, infuse the bubble for about 5 minutes.

3, both sides of the front and back wash, remember to wash both sides of the front and back. This wash is clean and thorough.

4, the two parts of the sock head and the soles of the socks are focused on one.

5. Remember to rinse twice after washing.

Washing socks

Ordinary cotton stockings, soak in water for about 2 hours, then rub the soap with hot water to wash;

Stockings, nylon socks, etc., should be placed in soapy water below 40 ° when washing, do not rub hard;

When washing wool socks, first cut the neutral soap with less alkali into soap and dissolve it in hot water. After the water is cooled, put the socks in, dip it, and then gently wash it by hand.

Bamboo fiber socks: The special ultra-fine microporous structure inside the bamboo fiber makes it have strong adsorption capacity, which can absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and ammonia in the air and eliminate bad odor. Self-cleaning and self-cleaning function: high-tech process of de-sweating and fat-removing, stained with oil, see water separation and washing without washing supplies, and drying it after wearing it.

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