Mens Bamboo Socks

Mens Bamboo Socks

Design: This is the perfect long-wearing work sock with a hardworking stay-up leg.
Features: Anti-Bacterial , Anti-Slip , Breathable , comfortable wearing.
Other: Eco-Friendly , Snagging Resistance , Sporty

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Detail Information Of Mens Bamboo Socks

Mens Bamboo Socks


Cotton & Bamboo


Soft, warm comfortable; eco-friendly


15/17 18/20 21/23 24/26 27/30 31/34 35/38 According to the customer


Adults Mens


to customer




1pair/ polybag,1 dozen / master bag (can be discussed)


 L/C at sight

 T/T at sight


within 60 days after samples confirmed

Sample time

7-15 days




rosso-linking , hand-linking




84N, 96N, 108N, 120N, 144N, 168N and 200N, double and single cylinder available


v    Design: This is the perfect long-wearing work sock with a hardworking stay-up leg.

v    Features: Anti-Bacterial , Anti-Slip , Breathable , comfortable wearing.

v    Other: Eco-Friendly , Snagging Resistance , Sporty


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All type sock we can provide !!!

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Socks are graded, high-grade socks socks standard:

First of all, there must be a pad, which is like a towel-like circle at the bottom of the sock, so it is also called a terry. The main function of the terry is to increase the elasticity between the shoes and the feet, and at the same time, the area of contact between the sock material and the air is also sufficiently increased to make it have better moisture absorption and perspiration.

The height, density, and location of the terry should be different for different strength sports. In high altitude climbing or extremely long walks, there should be terry loops on the soles of the feet and feet, and the height and density of the terry are the highest, so that a better all-round play can be achieved. protection.

Secondly, there must be a loop of elastic fixation in the sock's arch area so that the socks can be placed on the foot. When a person's sole touches the ground, normal contact with the ground is minimal. When walking, the arch has minimal friction. At the same time, this is the middle of the entire foot. It is most appropriate to add a fixed position to this part. . Elastic fixation should not be too tight. If it is too tight, it will affect the blood circulation, and it cannot be too loose, otherwise it will not achieve a fixed effect. Socks will run on the same foot.

In addition, the toes and heels of socks must be thickened, the force of the heels is the greatest, and the toes are relatively weak, and special protection is necessary. The stitching of the sock tip and the sock sole must be flat and must not be ribbed, otherwise it is easy to bruise the foot.

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