Best Mens Dress Socks

Best Mens Dress Socks

best mens dress socks Detail Information Of This Products THE PICTURES OF OUR FACTORY All type sock we can provide !!! Our Service !!! Some Knowledge Of Socks 1.Don't wear white socks when you wear Leather shoes A common mistake in daily life is: When a man is sitting, a white cotton sock is...

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Product Details

best mens dress socks

Detail Information Of This Products

Haining QiangYi Trading Co., Ltd.

Product Name

best mens dress socks


168N ,144N,128N and 200N are ok


OEM as customers requires


Jacquard or embroidery or printing

Toes link

Hand linked toes/rosso linked toes



Terms of Payment

T/T, L/C,Western union, Money gram,paypal,Alibaba  Trade Assurance


1000 pairs

Production Delivery time

10-15 days after our samples

Approved and deposit received


Pantone color as customers ' requires


50G/PAIR (depend on different size as customers' requires )

Price Terms

FOB Shanghai , Ningbo

Packaging Details

as customers' comments

Welcome your inquire with artwork and samples.

OEM is available.

Sample delivery time

5-7 working days

Payment terms

50% deposit before production , 50%balacne before shipping

Type of shipping

Maritime / Air / Express


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All type sock we can provide !!!



Our Service !!!

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Some Knowledge Of Socks

1.Don't wear white socks when you wear Leather shoes

A common mistake in daily life is: When a man is sitting, a white cotton sock is exposed between the trousers and the leather shoes. This dissonance is caused by the chaos of formal wear and casual socks. It is absolutely not. Meets the etiquette. Because white socks and light-colored cotton sock are only suitable for sports and leisure wear.

2. Men's socks with a proper way

The color of the men's socks should be a basic neutral color and deeper than the color of the trousers. The color of the men’s socks matches the suit’s fashion and is the easiest to wear. If the suit is grey, you can choose gray socks, light-colored West assemble darker brown or brown socks. White and light-colored cotton sock are used for casual-style underwear and slippers.

When wearing suits and shorts, socks that look too long look rustic and wear short socks with a length below the calf, preferably short socks that have just reached the ankle. And try to pick the light color. If you do pure white sports dress, socks must be spotless white sports socks. Make sure that the length of the socks is such that you will not be exposed to the skin of the legs when you are sitting or when one leg is resting on the other leg.

3. How long does it take for socks to change?

Under normal circumstances, experts recommend not wearing a pair of socks more than 3 consecutive days. If conditions permit, it is recommended that you change it every day to keep your feet dry. This will not only effectively prevent the occurrence of foot problems, but also help to prolong the life of your socks.

The life of a pair of socks is about 3 months. Socks that are more than 3 months are recommended not to be worn again even if they are not broken. Long-term socks will grow bacteria on top of them, and there is no way to remove them completely by ordinary washing.

4. Why cotton socks cotton content is not 100%

Because cotton is a soft and comfortable natural fiber, in fact, there is almost no 100% cotton socks on the market, because 100% cotton sock are not tough, cannot help but wear, the market is generally more than 85% cotton is the traditional cotton Of course, this specific is not a fixed number, but generally speaking. Cotton socks (cotton on the market) are soft and comfortable to wear, breathable and wicking are good, and cost-effective.

5. Socks washing knowledge

Socks cannot be washed together with underwear to avoid cross-infection caused by athlete's foot; add a little vinegar when washing socks, which has the effect of deodorization, but also sterilization; cannot use 84 disinfectant wash cotton socks, so as not to reduce the life of socks; When washing socks with a washing machine, use a rubber band to tie the toe first, which can cause the toe head to lose its elasticity; when drying the socks, remember to put the sock head up.

6. Uses of old cotton socks

Do not underestimate these old stockings and old cotton socks. They can help you solve many practical problems in your life. Here's how to use some of the old socks' magical methods.

Brush shoes. Put the hands directly in the old cotton socks can be very easy to wipe the shoes; a few pairs of broken socks grouped, plug in the shoes to prevent long-distance deformation; set in the hand scrubbing the light bulbs and other uneven things, convenient and good Use; will cut the old socks mouth, set in the child's knee and elbow wrist, to prevent children from scratching the skin when the child fell; put the old cotton socks on the broom, you can very well remove the hair on the ground, hair Chips, etc., but not easy to gray; with old cotton socks packed moth balls, placed inside the closet can be pest control; the old socks cut open, sewn together to do mop, light, clean and clean, but also easy to wash, easy to dry.

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