Best Mens Crew Dress Socks

Best Mens Crew Dress Socks

Our company specializes in manufacturing and selling various socks, such as men's socks, women's socks, sports socks, boat socks, baby socks, children's socks, army socks, diabetic socks, pantyhoses and leggings. Moreover, we accept OEM orders and make products as per customers' requests.

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Product Details

Best Mens Crew Dress Socks

Style Name:

Dress Crew Socks

Product Needle Count:

144N; 168N; 200N




Jacquard/Terry socks/Embroidered socks etc


Accept customized


Men: US 10-13/GM 43-45; Women: US   9-11/GM38-42. All size can be customized.


Extra-durable, long-lasting heel and toe   areas, comfort toe seaming. Elastic band keeps your socks in place, out of   sight, and for added comfort.

Washing instructions:

Socks contain the much more cotton fiber than   others, the washing shrinkage won't be avoid, we suggest cold water wash, they   will stretch back out as soon as you wear them again.

Sample cost:

Free Sample without Logo

Sample Lead Time:

5-7 Days with Logo

Accept customized styles:

Baby sock ,kids sock, women sock. men sock.   boat sock. long sock. knee sock. printing sock, Jacquard sock,3D printing   sock, stockings, medical socks. pressure socks etc.

Shipping way:

By Sea, by air, by express (DHL,FEDEX.UPS etc)

Socks Manufacturing Factory

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Socks Product Catalogue 

different types of socks.jpg

Order Customized Socks 

custom dress socks.jpg

design your own socks.jpg

Custom Photo Socks

1. You send the pattern or logo for socks and labels, packages;

2. We make a template with colors and sizes confirmation;
3. The sample socks will be made after the details confirmed for you to check;
4. We make mass production and deliver the goods after manufacturing.

custom socks with picture.jpg

Socks commonly used yarn commonly known as: 

A, carding, English code referred to as C, 21S / C, 32S / C, 40S / C (common yarn is 21 and 32) B, combing, English code referred to as JC, 32S/JC, 40S/JC, 60S/JC (common counts are 40 and 60) C. Polyester-cotton blended yarn, English code referred to as TC, 21S/TC, 32/TC (common ratio of polyester-cotton yarn blended) For 65/35, polyester yarn accounts for 65% and cotton accounts for 35%. D. Cotton blended yarn, English code for CA, 21S/CA, 32S/CA (common cotton-knit yarn blend ratio is 50/50, 55/45) F, acrylic yarn, English code referred to as A, 20S/A, 24S/A, 28S/A (usually used as pantyhose) E, large and small chemical fiber yarn, also known as polyester yarn, British commentary code referred to as TT , 10S/TT, 21S/TT, 32S/TT (polyester yarn is cheaper)

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