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Detail Information Of This Products THE PICTURES OF OUR FACTORY All type sock we can provide !!! Our Service !!! Socks Tips Usually when you buy socks, you always have to use pure cotton (because you know the sweat-absorbent cotton, breathable), the sales will also tell you that the socks are...

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Product Details

Detail Information Of This Products


168N ,144N and 128N are ok


cotton spandex elastic nylon


OEM as customers requires


pantone color as customers ' requires


jacquard or embroidery or printing


50G/PAIR ( depend on different size as customers' requires )

toes link:

hand linked toes/ rosso linked toes

Price Terms

FOB Shanghai, ningbo

Terms of Payment:

T/T, L/C,Western union, Money gram (T/T: 50% deposit in advance

after confirmed order, balance payment before shipment



Sample delivery time:

7 working days

Production Delivery time

15-20days after our samples approved  and deposit received

Packaging Details

as customers' comments

Welcome your inquire with artwork and samples.

We can copy and follow your requirement.OEM is available.


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All type sock we can provide !!!



Our Service !!!

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Socks Tips

Usually when you buy socks, you always have to use pure cotton (because you know the sweat-absorbent cotton, breathable), the sales will also tell you that the socks are pure cotton. In fact, there are no real pure cotton socks. The cotton content of all the socks is between 60% and 85% because the 100% pure cotton socks are inflexible

During the production, polyester, spandex and nylon are used according to the characteristics of socks to maintain the elasticity and comfort of socks.

Such as Lycra is the best material for skin patch, generally not the entire double sock composition is Lycra. Usually more than 65% cotton can be called cotton socks. In fact, cotton is also divided into many types, such as combed mercerized cotton, mercerized cotton, combed cotton, semi-combed cotton, colored cotton, cotton and so on.

Combed cotton socks: Generally, short-staple cotton (a few are long-staple cotton) is used as a raw material, and combers are used to remove impurities on the surface of cotton fibers during the spinning process to form combed cotton yarns, which are then knitted with polyester or nylon. sock. Combed cotton socks are softer and more comfortable than ordinary cotton socks, and due to the longer single yarn, it is not easy to fluff after playing. It is therefore the best choice for combed cotton. The sense is good, durable and comfortable.

Combed Cotton: The shorter fibers (about 1cm or less) removed by the comber to remove the cotton, leaving a longer and neat fiber, the fabric will feel even more with this cotton it is good. Combed cotton yarn is finer and of better quality.

Compared with combed cotton and carded staples, the content of short fibers and impurities is small, the fibers are straight and parallel, the yarns are even and the surface is smooth.

Mercerized cotton socks: Mercerized cotton socks are the most mainstream business socks today. As the name implies, the main raw materials of mercerized cotton socks are singeing mercerized cotton yarns, which are made into mercerized cotton yarns through combing, singeing, mercerising, hank dyeing, etc., and then mixed with Lycra and new nylon, resulting in high cost.

The raw mercerized cotton yarns have the following advantages: 1. Increased yarn strength, not easy to break; 2. Increased gloss, general silk brightness; 3. Dyeing performance, bright color, not easy to fade; 4. Yarn breakage depth with tension The increase and decrease, that is not easy to stretch and change.

Mercerized cotton socks has the following characteristics:

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