Baby Boy Socks

Our company specializes in manufacturing and selling various socks, such as men's socks, women's socks, sports socks, boat socks, baby socks, children's socks, army socks, diabetic socks, pantyhoses and leggings. Moreover, we accept OEM orders and make products as per customers' requests.

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Product Details

Detail Information Of This Product


 baby boy socks


 As pictures , can customed


 00M to 12year old Free size




 Stealth, breathable


 Colorful box packaging


 We support sample, sample fee can be refund   after order


 Welcome   to contact with us to get wholesale price



  Customized design


  Delivery time

 3-7 working days after payment was done


 Western union, Money gram, T/T


 Express (DHL/Fedex/UPS), Airfreight, Sea   freight

  Main Markets

 USA ,   CANADA etc


All colors, sizes, designs can be customized   per your requirements or samples.

Provide free OEM packaging design and free box   packaging for your promotion.





Our Service !!!


How to let your idea to be socks

1. Produce socks matchable the clothes you offered.


2. If you have your initial design idea, we will better it, making your design into reality.


3.  Produce socks you designed. 


Factors affecting consumers:

1. Price factors Price is undoubtedly the main reason for consumers to buy products. When consumers buy similar products, the most common price is price, which is the cheaper thing. Many people like to buy, but not all things are like this. In fact, as people's income levels increase, the concept of consumption is also changing. Ten years ago, the average unit price of socks was only a few dollars. At that time, socks of more than ten yuan were rarely used, but ten years later, the price range of socks has changed a lot. There are very few people who go to the market for a dozen pairs of socks. This is the change in people's consumption concept. Of course, the price is still the most popular consideration.

2, quality factors In addition to the price, consumers consider the most quality, do not underestimate a pair of small socks, consumers not only have to look at their shape design, the most important thing is to look at its material and function, sweat, deodorant, wear-resistant Warm, ventilated, comfortable and more. Although the price of the socks on the road stall is very low, there are still very few people to buy, why? It is because the quality is poor, although it is cheap, but it is not comfortable to wear, and some socks will wear foot odor, which will not achieve the effect that consumers want. Therefore, some people would rather buy socks with higher prices and not buy those socks on the roadside.

 3. Consumer income level With the development of the economy, the people's income has increased. In order to pursue a higher standard of living, the proportion of consumption spent outside food expenditure has also increased, so it is more willing to buy good quality socks.

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