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Who Says That Beauty Must Be Frozen? Socks + High Heels Are More Fashionable
- Aug 27, 2018 -

If you are afraid, you should first hit the safety card black and white gray.

If you want to try but don't know where to start, it is better to try black and white gray basic monochromatic matching! Whether it is black heel shoes or colorful heels, it is all year long!

The lower body wears a black dress + black stiletto socks, with patent leather pointed high heels, although the same black is the contrast of the material, so that the lower body is not just monotonous black.

Gray-black socks echo the overall clothing color, creating a sense of unity

With a little lace white socks to combine the handsome feeling of the leather skirt, the handsome upper body was added to the girl's sweetness by the temperament white socks.

Colorful socks save to wear a bleak you

I want to have a rainbow color in my mood. When I open the closet, I find that the old clothes have a low degree of color. I can give you some color with a little money! Dark black fans wear a pair of bright socks to have a eye-catching effect!

Handsome black and white gray wear, use suede orange socks to create highlights

The whole body is white with a yellow single product, and the presence of yellow socks balances the overall wear ratio.

Fresh green wear, girls make a few toe shoes and not afraid to wear fashion socks

Don't forget to have lace stockings

Want Lady Lady to add some lace! With a lover date, participate in 趴 kick does not want too heavy casual feeling, it is replaced by lace stockings, temperament with a little bit of cute micro-transparent to achieve!

Black short stockings make the legs not easy, and the slight translucent creates a slim, visual look.

Asian girls' European and American fashion indicators Tiffany Hsu, fish mouth high heels with white piping lace stockings + checkered foreign assembled leather, girls are handsome in their hearts