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White Sock Cleaning Tips
- Aug 09, 2018 -

The white socks that I just bought are yellow when I wear them. How can I wash them without washing? What should I do? In fact, white socks are not afraid of yellowing. Here are a few tips to help you easily whiten the yellowish white socks.

1, drop ink method: in a basin of clean cool water, drop 3-5 drops of pure blue ink, stir by hand, then put the washed white socks into the water, pull up and down 3-5 times, fishing Dry out.

2, hydrogen peroxide method: bleaching silk, wool fabric, 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the amount of liquid is 10 times the weight of the fabric, plus a little ammonia to make it weakly alkaline, after 5-10 hours of general room temperature dipping, Wash and dry.

3, lemon juice method: When washing white socks, add some lemon juice in the water to make the clothes more white.

4, skim milk soaking method: before washing white socks with a skim milk, or the last rinse when adding 2 tablespoons of milk in the water, can maintain the true color of white socks, to prevent it from turning yellow.

5, radish soup washing method: white socks, such as dirt, can be washed with radish soup, can be as white as new.

6, orange peel water soaking method: When washing white socks, the orange peel can be put into the pot to heat and boil, soak and wash the clothes with the yellow soup, so that the clothes are as white as new.

7. Put the socks in the water a few times, do not put any detergent, then wring them out, apply the toothpaste to the dirtiest and most difficult to clean parts, and evenly spread them. Then let stand for at least 5 minutes, then You can use soap to easily wash off the dirt on the top, and there will be no more troubles in white socks.