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What Socks Are Good For Your Baby?
- Aug 05, 2018 -

Anti-slip socks:

The non-slip socks are baby socks with a soft rubber pattern on the soles of the feet. Because the baby's center of gravity is unstable, and likes to run and jump, it is easy to fall on the smooth floor, and wear anti-slip socks.

Note: In urban homes, the general family living room and children's room are mainly wooden floors. Adults put on slippers, and the baby can't effectively "control" the slippers. The best way is to prevent the baby from wearing slippers and wear the anti-slip socks that fit the season.

It is recommended that families with babies do not have stone floors. The stone floor is easy to slip, causing the baby to fall; and the quality is cold, the baby is easy to catch cold. The stone-plated home or baby must be active in the kitchen and balcony area. The remedy is to put on a pair of soft-soled overshoes (note the anti-slip), but not slippers.

Note: The anti-slip socks are worn outside, so try not to wear them in the shoes. When wearing soft-soled shoes, you should wear ordinary socks. Ground wool and assembled foam pads help to prevent slipping.

Thin cotton socks:

Baby summer socks. Choosing nylon stockings for your baby is the most wrong choice. Nylon stockings look thin and actually more crappy. Thin cotton socks should pay attention to the choice of color, it is best not to choose a darker block, because the baby sweating may discolor the color block. The simpler the socks, the higher the insurance factor.

Note: It is strictly forbidden to choose the socks (including these shoes and insoles) for the baby to use antiperspirant and deodorant, and replace it with daily cleaning. Various sprays are not available.

Pure cotton socks:

Used in spring and autumn. Thicker than thin cotton socks. Please do not buy socks that are sold on the market or in unreliable stores. They are often mixed with inferior cotton or a large amount of acrylic. Please buy 100% or more of the genuine cotton products.

Wool socks / cashmere socks:

Baby winter socks must have pure wool/cashmere texture. Some mothers wear tight pantyhose for girls, especially high-elastic acrylic socks, which is a very wrong choice. Because the texture of the baby's socks should not choose acrylic, it is not too tight. Socks can have a certain elasticity, that is, a small amount of Lycra ingredients, but the main ingredients must also be cotton and wool.



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