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What Socks Are Best To Wear In Winter? How To Choose Warm Socks?
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Everyone knows that wool is the most suitable for cold protection. Sweaters and wool are all indispensable home warm items in winter. Is it the best for socks and wool? The answer is no, although the wool has good warmth performance, but the sweat absorption effect is not good, not only easy to breed bacteria, but also may cause blisters.

The favorite of both feet is the dry and warm environment, so the warm and sweat-absorbing cotton texture has always been the best choice for socks. In particular, combed cotton with longer fibers and less impurities has better warmth than ordinary cotton.

What socks to wear in winter to keep warm? Socks based on cotton fiber and with appropriate amount of elastic fiber are preferred. Considering its use and wearing objects, such as daily wear, it is comfortable and breathable. When exercising, it should be soft and wear-resistant. Those who sweat should buy cotton socks that are both breathable and moisture-absorbing. Poor polyester socks and nylon socks; children's socks should try to choose socks with simple structure, light color and smooth surface. Do not choose socks with dotted lines.

When selecting socks, it is necessary to pay attention to distinguish that the man-made fiber feels slippery and the cotton is relatively rough; the socks are opened to observe the surface, and there is no brown little spot or less, which is combed cotton. Generally, cotton socks will be added with a proper amount of acrylic to increase the elasticity of the socks. The cotton has more socks with less acrylic, which is soft to the touch, good in moisture absorption, and more comfortable to wear.

However, it is best for people who are easy to heel and crack to wear pure cotton socks. The heel crack indicates that the skin is very dry, and it is urgent to add water and nutrients. At this time, wearing cotton socks, the skin inside the skin is sucked away. It is. People with a heel crack can wear nylon socks or put on a pair of cotton socks on the outside to prevent chapping.