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What Should I Pay Attention To When Choosing Socks
- Aug 09, 2018 -

1. Look at raw materials: The raw materials of socks on the market generally include chemical fiber, cotton, wool, silk, etc. We can match different socks according to different garments.

2, look at the elasticity: When we choose this sock, we must look at the density of the sock, the elasticity of the socks is good, the heel is relatively large, in the shape of a bag, the socks should be as close as possible to the human foot .

3, look at the appearance: When we choose socks, we must pay attention to check whether the socks are flawed, whether there is a gap, the two socks are more than one, to see if there is a long and short situation. High-quality socks are generally made of high-quality raw materials, and the process is strict. The appearance of the socks is uniform, thick and pure.

4, according to their own needs, some people may have problems such as foot odor, you can choose bamboo fiber deodorant socks, etc. Some people like pure cotton socks, in general, cotton yarn content is about 60% to 85% between the socks It is pure cotton socks.

5, when we choose socks for the baby, it is best to choose a loose cotton socks, cotton socks have good breathability, warm performance is also good, loose a little is not easy to affect the blood circulation of the baby's legs.