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What's The D Means For Render Sox
- May 30, 2018 -

1. The so-called “D” in socks refers to the unit of denier of the sock fibers. The number of grams per 9000 meters of fiber is called “D”. In general, the DEN number represents the thickness and transparency of the stockings.

2. The smaller the D number, the thinner the stockings will be, and the more durable the socks are, the higher the D value is. Generally 40-60D is spring and autumn socks, and 60D or more are autumn and winter socks. Summer stockings generally have a D number below 20D, and are cool, light, and transparent. Taking the autumn and winter socks as an example, if the 80D or more is not easy to penetrate the meat, the 120D will not be completely translucent. More than 800D has a good warmth performance, and above 6000D, the winter in the north is enough.

In winter, of course, individuals have differences.

Thickness of bottom socks

10D~15D slim, suitable for summer.

50D, 80D, 120D, 150D are suitable for early autumn.

300D, 500D, etc. (300D or more) are suitable for winter season.

The thickness of 1200D, 1600D is basically the same as ordinary cotton wool pants.

The 2800D is generally double-layered with velvet and the 6800D is bamboo charcoal. The higher the relative warmth.