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What Kinds Of Fabric Are Used In Scarves
- Apr 16, 2018 -

Scarves are commonly used in the following categories:

1.: the picture is 6 momme Chiffon chiffon fabric features: plain weave, thin, suitable for any season. Soft and smooth... Feeling very elegant...

2. days of cicadin satin, the figure is 9 m - M sky cicadin satin, features: satin smooth, suitable for the spring and autumn winter three season, this kind of fabric is the most common.

3., silk, Jo, features: the fabric has a little wrinkle effect because of twisting. The feeling is very soft and texture. The common scarf fabric, the domestic market, the market has a lot of sale. The market is mainly 6 mm, very thin, poor quality.  Easy to silking, and 8 momme, 10 momme is no quality problems like this, in the printing process.

4. Sang Bo (jacquard), the characteristics: Satin Flower Pattern, jacquard pattern can be ever-changing. As soft, smooth, rich texture.

5., its characteristics are: the fabric is fine and wrinkled, the scarf style is very elegant, and it is also one of the common scarf fabrics on the market.

6. twill fabric has obvious twill, the general number of momme is relatively high, soft texture

7. rotten flowers on Taobao (now there are a lot of three and one rotten flowers, or full nylon rotten flowers, including the crown seller) features: satin, the bottom, two different styles of fabric, this style is made up as follows: satin is made of silk, floor all true silk, silk / nylon silk, or all nylon Silk is different from human silk and other kinds of silk in terms of acid and alkali resistance.