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What Kind Of Socks Shoule Be Bought By Different Groups Of People?
- Aug 03, 2018 -

What socks are worn by pregnant women?

During pregnancy, women can choose socks or loose cotton socks. On the one hand, these socks are very absorbent, and on the other hand, they are not easy to slip. The socks should not be too tight, otherwise the pregnant mother's originally swollen legs, feet, and venous return will be hindered, making it swollen.

Pregnant women can also choose to wear elastic socks, which are divided into three types: pantyhose, half stockings and stockings. Its special function will make the thighs expand elastic pressure weave and strengthen the back weave at the calf to the foot. It can effectively prevent varicose veins in pregnant women and has a slight medical function. 【Details>>

What socks are good for babies?

The socks worn by the baby are still good for pure cotton, but there is no 100% pure cotton at present, so the higher the cotton content, the better. The label should be optimistic when selecting. Generally, the cotton content should be more than 65%. 

What socks are worn by the elderly?

It is beneficial for the elderly to penetrate the gas and the well-drained socks to promote the volatilization of the sweat. In terms of texture, the speed at which bacteria multiply on socks is polyester, nylon, wool, cotton yarn and silk stockings. Therefore, the socks for the elderly are preferably wool, cotton or silk.