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What Is The Difference Between Invisible Socks And Boat Socks?
- Aug 08, 2018 -

What is invisible socks

Invisible socks, as the name implies, are socks that are invisible on the feet. They were originally designed for women to wear shallow-skin shoes. Because the summer climate is high, if the bare feet are worn, it will be uncomfortable, but wearing thick socks is only very hot. Therefore, the design of the unique breathable, and stylish and invisible socks, is very popular among women.

The color of invisible socks is generally more flesh-colored, similar to the skin color. After wearing shoes, it is generally difficult to detect, and does not affect the skin and air contact. There are also several kinds of invisible socks, which can be invisible stockings or invisible boat socks. The socks of the invisible stockings are not necessarily low, but the color of the socks is definitely flesh-colored, while the invisible boat socks are generally low in socks, so low that they do not see the socks.

What is boat socks

The boat socks are a very short sock, because it is known for its shape like a boat, and its length is generally up to the ankle, so it is also called "ultra short socks."

Its color is ever-changing, generally based on silk, and it is called invisible socks on the Taiwan side. But at the same time the material of the boat socks can be varied, such as lace, cotton, etc., so the invisible socks are not necessarily boat socks, but the boat socks can also be called invisible socks.

At first, the ship's socks were popular from Japan. They were mainly used to walk at home, and finally became popular in the world, so they derived a variety of styles, such as slings, jacquards, laces and so on.

What is the difference between invisible socks and boat socks?

In fact, they are very similar, but the invisible socks are mainly in summer, and the color is generally mainly human skin color, mainly to make people not see wearing socks. The boat socks are diversified in style and the socks are relatively short.