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What Color Socks Should A Man Wear
- May 09, 2018 -

First, color. Color errors are the most glaring, so first notice. The general principle is that the colors of pants, socks, and shoes should be coordinated. There is also a saying that the color of socks, like trousers or leather shoes, is basically not wrong. Such as dark trousers, black leather shoes, it must be pure black socks; brown shoes, can be equipped with brown or dark gray socks, and so on. As for so many common black shoes and white socks, only useless words to describe. Wearing black shoes and white socks, only Michael Jackson can accept, because he is relying on such a dress to highlight the dance of the feet. As for the wear of others, the British have a special rating: such a dress is like a donkey's foot. Casual white socks can only be equipped with casual clothes, white shoes can be, and sports white socks are only suitable for sports shoes.

Second, the pattern , the dress is generally equipped with no pattern, or dark flower socks. It is the use of double-syringe craftsmanship, proposed three-dimensional small floral, far-seeing or solid color. 2, casual wear can wear colorful socks, as long as the coordination with the clothes and shoes on the line. If the clothes are fancy, then the socks will be elegant and do not let the socks win the color of the clothes; but if the clothes are relatively simple, then the socks can have some patterns or lively patterns, such as this year's popular European socks embroidered a small crab, that It is quite boring. 3, sports socks generally exaggerated pattern, with large patterns, bright lines to express vitality and vitality.

Third, the high Western countries socks are generally higher than the domestic socks, because in the dress etiquette, men bare leg hair or exposed meat, it is not elegant, the equivalent of a woman's running out. For a man wearing a suit or casual clothes, he must wear a sock with a height of 22cm, so that he will not run out. If it is a very formal occasion, dress or dress, it will be more tube. If the general leisure, home, jogging, you can wear around 16cm short stockings. If it is badminton, table tennis, etc., generally wear short-sleeved sports socks 10cm to the ankle. If it is a home, or wear light shoes, and some special sports such as rock climbing, we recommend the tube socks 5cm high.

Fourth, the material of the material socks should be matched with clothing. If it is a thick wool or corduroy suit, then with the corresponding thickness of cotton or wool socks. If you wear thin, light-colored suits, you must wear thin socks.

Fifth, the product phase If you summer white shirt, white round neck T-shirt wash all yellow, but also wear, then ignore this article. Socks are also the same, but also pay attention to refined spirits! Don't say that he wears it to a broken one. Generally after washing N times, the socks are loose and the grinding is thin. It must be changed. The more upscale socks, the less chemical fiber components, the less wear resistant.