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What Are The Types Of Socks?
- Feb 11, 2019 -

There are many types of socks, which can be classified according to raw materials, tissue structure, length of socks, sock structure, and socks specifications:

According to the raw material classification, according to the raw materials used in the woven socks, it can be divided into cotton yarn socks, wool thread socks, nylon stockings, elastic nylon stockings, nylon-cotton blended socks, cotton-nitrile blended socks and natural stockings;

According to the organizational structure, the tissues woven according to the socks can be divided into two categories: plain socks and flower socks. The single-tube sock is a one-color flat-stitched sock. Flower socks can be further divided into jacquard socks (single-faced jacquard tissue), embroidered socks (embroidery and yam), mesh-implanted socks (overhead-stamped tissue), horizontal socks (transition of horizontal joints of different colors), terry Socks (loops) and so on. However, there are also two types of tissue weaving, such as jacquard embroidery socks, jacquard horizontal socks, and mesh embroidery socks. The double-needle-knitted sock is ribbed. Flower socks are jacquard socks (double-sided jacquard tissue), embroidered socks, plain concave and convex composite structure), embroidered concave socks (embroidery concave and convex composite structure);

According to the length of the socks, they can be divided into three types: stockings, stockings and socks. In addition, there are pantyhose;

According to the classification of the sock, it can be generally divided into flat mouth, middle stockings, single Luokou, double Luokou, rubber Luokou, elastic fake Luokou and fancy Luokou socks;

According to the size and size of the socks, according to the performance of the raw materials and the reasonableness of wearing, the specifications of the elastic nylon stockings are two centimeters from the bottom of the socks, and the other socks are one centimeter apart. The size of the socks is the size of the socks indicated by the trademark.



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