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What Are The Materials Of Fishnet Socks?
- Aug 27, 2018 -

Fishnet stockings are mainly made of cored silk and ultra-thin velvet

Core-wrapped wire: It has high transparency and excellent elasticity. It completely overcomes the defects of nylon wire and crystal wire, and it is delicate and smooth. It belongs to mainstream products. Generally, the texture is tight, and the texture is loose.

Ultra-thin velvet: High-tech microfiber full-elastic yarn that is softer than hair. It has a delicate texture, smooth and silky touch, crystal clear and transparent, and has good breathability. If it is winter socks, thicker velvet is generally used.

Usually the thickness is 6D-25D. Of course not absolutely.

How to match the fishnet socks

As the only close-fitting clothing that can be dazzled outside, the fishnet stockings undoubtedly add a lot of charm indicators to the woman's legs. So don't underestimate it - as long as it fits well, the socks can do "long and short", making the legs look tall and slender. To dress yourself up as a sexy woman and beautify your legs is an essential step. Therefore, stockings have become the first choice for women to dress up in the four seasons, a pair of beautiful legs, plus a pair of beautiful fishnet socks, is the most charming scenery on the street.

However, no matter how eye-catching the fishnet stockings are, if it can't be properly matched, it will only greatly reduce the overall image. Generally speaking, the size of the mesh directly affects the positioning of the whole body. The larger the mesh, the more sexy and affectionate, while the small mesh can be worn in the office as part of a commuter. The mesh is not the bigger the better. If the mesh is too big, you can get a fist. It is a jade leg that can't keep the beauty. It's better to go to the sea and fish. Sisters whose legs are too thick and too short should not pick a large mesh. Because the smaller meshes are more likely to cause visual confusion due to the high density, it seems that the legs will be more slender. However, if the mesh is too small and can only pass through the hair, it is not a fishnet stocking, and it has lost its spirituality and aura.

Nowadays, non-hollow fishbone, leopard, thousand-bird plaid and flower patterns have also entered the fashion array of fishnet socks. Amy's lady may wish to try something bold. Because the patterned fishnet socks can break the seriousness of the suit, skirt or pleated skirt, even though the upper body is dressed in orthodox, the pattern on the socks can create a lively feeling for the lower body. The patterned fishnet stockings are equipped with a single color or a simple dress, which is both trendy and individual. However, the pattern of fishnet stockings will make the legs look wider. If the legs are slightly full, pay attention to moderate modifications.

Midsummer seems to be particularly popular: wearing a mini knee-length skirt, a high-waisted dress, a shirt top or a short blouse with a colorful stocking. This combination of wide and narrow, top and bottom tight, makes it easy to create cute candy suits and young ladies. In addition, dark-colored socks are easier to match with light-colored socks, while black, blue, purple, and dark-colored socks are used to shape the leg curve, creating slender legs, and white socks are thicker. Calf. This is the color of the fishnet stockings.


1. Buy new fishnet stockings that should be soaked in water and put in the freezer compartment. Take it out after freezing, let it melt naturally and dry it, so it is not easy to damage when worn. After the fibers in the socks are frozen, the strength of the fibers increases. Therefore, frozen fishnet stockings are less likely to be routed than ordinary fishnet stockings.

2, fishnet socks are not resistant to high temperatures, not easy to expose.

3, it is best to wash the hands when washing, but remember not to make a strong smash, in order to prevent the fibers in the socks from breaking.