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What Are The Benefits Of Pregnant Women Wearing Elastic Socks?
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Many moms found that they gave birth to two radish legs after giving birth! Nearly 88% of women suffer from excessive pressure on their legs due to the weight of the fetus, causing damage to the blood circulation system of the legs and causing varicose veins. Most of these problems will improve within a few months after delivery. It is only caused by damage to blood vessels.

The so-called "prevention is more important than treatment", if you want to have a pair of legs in the postpartum. It is best to start the leg care from a pregnancy; "massage" is the basic effort, and "wearing elastic socks" is the best way to prevent it.

More rest, massage

During pregnancy, there are several major factors that contribute to varicose veins, including:

1. The venous blood flow suddenly increases during pregnancy (about tens of times before pregnancy).

2, uterine amniotic fluid and fetal compression caused by thigh vein blood reflux obstruction.

3. Changes in hormones affect vascular function. The above reasons cause the blood to accumulate in the leg for a long time, causing damage to the venous function, causing symptoms such as poor blood circulation system, such as cold hands and feet, sore feet and so on. Especially in the late pregnancy, pregnant women not only have leg pain, but also edema. More serious.

Pregnant women can improve the condition of leg edema and varicose veins from their lifestyle habits. Always keep your exercise habits and avoid standing or sedentary for a long time. Choose leg care products that alleviate leg fatigue and eliminate leg edema. When you feel uncomfortable in your legs, use it at any time. After showering every night, with leg massage, you can relieve soreness and swelling. . When you fall asleep at night, take a pillow to your feet and help the blood flow back.

Leggings must-have items

Elastic stockings provide leg muscle support, and physical assisted pressure to help blood return is a must-have for every pregnant mom. The elastic pantyhose for pregnant women is not only strengthened by the Danny coefficient, but the elastic adjustment of the waist can be adjusted according to the changes of the abdomen of the pregnant woman; The thigh part adopts anti-expansion pressure weave: the calf to the foot plate is a weave that strengthens the reflow.

Each pregnant woman can choose elastic socks with different degrees of elasticity and style according to body type and physical condition. It is recommended to wear 100茗 full elastic or 140 denier elastic pantyhose as a preventive varicose vein from the beginning of pregnancy. In the middle and late pregnancy, wearing more than 80 Danny pantyhose can prevent or treat mild symptoms: If there is edema or varicose veins, you should use 210 Danny's pantyhose to strengthen the effect. In the late pregnancy, the pregnant mother with thick thighs can choose semi-uniform pantyhose to help the calf return.

The abdomen is made of special material elastic weave. The buttocks strengthen the hip weave. Plus adjustable waist buckle design. It can protect the abdomen that gradually increases during pregnancy.