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What Are The Benefits Of Five-finger Socks? What Are The Types Of Five-finger Socks?
- Aug 08, 2018 -

The five-finger socks are also called five-toe socks. They are a kind of socks. They have a design on the toes that allows the toes to be individually placed. After putting on, each toe is separated. Originating in Japan, it not only meets the needs of warmth, comfort and beauty, but also has the function of health care.

What are the benefits of five-finger socks?

1. Five-finger socks have the advantages of health and fashion. Fully beautiful, stylish, trendy and individual;

2, friends with onychomycosis, by wearing five finger socks can be very good to prevent mutual infection between the toes!

3, the advantage of wearing five-finger socks is that the toes will not hurt, so that each toe can move freely, reduce the squeeze between the toes, and promote blood circulation;

4, wearing five-finger socks can use the characteristics of cotton to suck the sweat between your toes, so that the air flow between the toes, effectively prevent foot odor, athlete's foot!

5, generally speaking, the sweat and the skin cuticle and bacteria, just a good breeding ground for bacteria! If you wear the five-finger socks, the sweat will be fully absorbed by the five-finger socks, instead of staying between the toes and the toes. Of course, the chance of Hong Kong feet is smaller!

6, five-finger socks also have the effect of heat preservation, according to the test: the foot of the five-finger socks wearing ordinary socks after a full day, the temperature is completely different.

7. Wearing five-finger socks can reduce the crushing force of the socks, thereby enhancing the wear resistance of the socks and increasing the life of the socks;

8, the massage effect of the peripheral blood vessels between the toes, promote blood circulation, reduce skin thickening, toe lesions and other foot skin diseases;

9, correct the toes, toes flexible, comfortable and natural, can help children to prevent toe deformation after growing up.

What are the types of five finger socks?

1, combed cotton five-finger socks

Combed cotton refers to the process of adding delicate combing in the process of spinning, combing short fibers and removing impurities from cotton to make smooth yarn, making cotton more resilient and not easy to pilling. . The spun yarn is finer and of better quality. The five-finger socks made of combed cotton yarn have a high quality level in texture, washability and durability. It has the characteristics of good hygroscopicity, smoothness, comfortable wearing, easy to wash and dry.

2, bamboo carbon fiber series

Bamboo carbon is another brand new environmentally friendly material with excellent performance in the development of bamboo resources. The bamboo is formed after the bamboo is subjected to an 800 degree high temperature drying carbonization process. The five-finger socks produced by the same have good hygroscopicity, antibacterial deodorant, antistatic and anti-electromagnetic radiation functions, and are warm in winter and cool in summer, and have excellent anti-pilling and anti-pilling effects and are easy to care for.

3, Modal series

Modal is a kind of cellulose regenerated fiber with high wet modulus viscose fiber. Its raw materials are all natural materials, which are harmless to the human body and can be naturally decomposed and harmless to the environment. Its five-finger socks products have good softness and excellent hygroscopicity.