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What Are Maternity Socks
- Aug 23, 2018 -

The name of the pregnant women's socks is medical sequential decompression elastic stockings. The maternal socks are products that promote the function of venous blood return to the heart. Most of the materials are DuPont Lycra and nylon silk. The maternity socks establish the highest support pressure in the ankle and gradually decrease along the leg. The calf is reduced to 70%-90% of the maximum pressure value, and reduced to 25%-45% of the maximum pressure value at the thigh. This diminishing change in pressure can cause venous return of the lower extremity, effectively alleviating or improving the vein of the lower extremity. And the pressure of the venous valve.

What are the benefits of wearing maternity socks?

1. The consequences of increased blood volume in the legs (varicose veins, edema, discomfort) can be prevented or alleviated.

2. The circulation effect of the mother is obviously improved. It can be speculated that the unborn baby will also get the same positive effect.

3. After using the medical elastic stockings, the number of heart pulsation beats decreased, and the chance of abortion caused by uterine contraction also decreased.

Maternity socks selection method

1. Pressure selection: Pregnant women who have no varicose veins and swelling in the early stage of pregnancy can choose low-pressure prophylaxis. If there is already varicose veins, pregnant women with swelling and discomfort in their legs should choose a therapeutic type. Stretch stockings.

2, length selection: you can choose the middle of the elastic stockings (under the knee) or long tube elastic stockings (and thighs).

3, number selection: measure the circumference of the leg: the circumference of the ankle (the thinest part of the ankle), the thickest circumference of the calf, the maximum circumference of the thigh, to determine the appropriate number

During pregnancy, women can choose socks or loose cotton socks. On the one hand, these socks are very absorbent, and on the other hand, they are not easy to slip. The socks should not be too tight, otherwise the pregnant mother's originally swollen legs, feet, and venous return will be hindered, making it swollen.

Pregnant women can also choose to wear elastic socks, which are divided into three types: pantyhose, half stockings and stockings. Its special function will make the thighs expand elastic pressure weave and strengthen the back weave at the calf to the foot. It can effectively prevent varicose veins in pregnant women and has a slight medical function.