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Wearing Sleepy Socks May Not Help Sleeppipes
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Recently, a kind of "sleeping socks" known as "skinny legs", "helping sleep" and "preventing varicose veins" have been sold on the Internet and are favored by many young women. The reporter saw this description in the manual: "Using the unique nano far infrared ray and venous flow dynamics principle, the Danny weave is gradually divided, super soft and soft, comfortable and pressurized, burning fat, promoting blood circulation and helping sleep."

However, in the words concealed in the manual, the reporter found some familiar vocabulary, such as “partial pressure design” and “venous flow dynamics”. These vocabulary are mostly used in the conservative treatment of varicose veins in medical treatment. It can be seen that this kind of "preventing varicose veins" as an additional effect, while the main socks for "helping sleep" and "skinny legs" are actually medical varicose socks. . Socks that were originally used to treat varicose veins have been developed for other uses. Are these uses effective?

Promote blood circulation? - Use during sleep can restrict blood circulation

In the introduction of the sleepy socks, "promoting blood circulation" and "helping sleep" are mentioned. Can such socks be able to promote blood circulation? Pu Yongdong, director of general surgery of the 309th Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, said that varicose stockings are actually medical elastic stockings. Clinically, it is used to treat varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis, and is suitable for patients with varicose veins and lymphedema. In general, such patients use the different pressure segments of the socks to cause blood to flow back, alleviating the symptoms of uncomfortable legs.

Although blood reflux is a kind of "promoting blood circulation" by pressure, how much is the relationship between venous return of the legs and human sleep? Zhan Wuqin, deputy director of neurology of Xuanwu Hospital, said that sleep is improved by elastic stockings. Not feasible, and there is no scientific basis. Even by promoting blood circulation to help sleep, it is mainly head and neck. The vasodilation of the head and neck by massage and other methods, the nervous system is relaxed, which is more conducive to faster sleep. However, due to the tightness of the elastic stockings, long-term restraint of the legs can not only promote blood circulation, but also make the nerves in a state of tension. If you want to promote blood circulation and relax, it is recommended to shower and massage.

Even patients with varicose veins are not recommended to wear this type of elastic stockings when sleeping. Because the legs and the heart are on the same level when sleeping, the leg vein pressure almost disappears. In this case, the elastic stockings can only restrict the blood circulation of the legs. There may be mild edema in the legs and even superficial vascular bulges on the calves. If the superficial blood vessels continue to be used, varicose veins may occur.

Partial pressure design? - has nothing to do with "skinny legs" itself

Many of the "sleeping leg socks" sold on the Internet have the banner of "partial pressure design" and "venous flow dynamics". What do these sounds mean by some magical words?

Pu Yongdong said that the partial pressure design itself is aimed at the problem that the venous pressure of the lower leg is higher when the human body is standing. When the elastic stocking is made, the pressure is gradually increased from top to bottom, which helps the venous blood returning at the lower end. The elastic stockings designed according to this principle are actually a kind of tight stockings that are tightly closed. Such a design has nothing to do with "skinny legs" and "helping sleep" itself, and is completely designed according to the needs of treating varicose veins.

Although it is not used to lose weight itself, the sale of the elastic stockings with the stovepipe flag has increased. Pu Yongdong said that in medical varicose stockings, there is no such thing as a stovepipe. There are two functions of varicose socks, one is to solve the problem of blood reflux, and the second is to relieve venous hypertension. As for the stovepipe, it may be due to poor venous blood circulation, resulting in swelling of the legs. After a period of wearing varicose socks, the swelling of the legs is relieved, giving people a feeling of "slimming". However, the limitations of this situation are also very strong. Not everyone has such a situation. Most people are obese because their skin is thicker. In addition, even for this reason, it should not be used after swelling.

Comfortable booster? - Comfortable according to leg circumference

Stretch socks are a kind of medical supplies. Can you wear them directly after you buy them online? The reporters see that the elastic stocks sold on the Internet are often all-in-one, and the model is also based on the elasticity, or The thickness of the cloth fiber is used as a criterion for distinguishing different elastic stockings. This kind of differentiation method makes many buyers do not know which one is suitable for their own, and many buyers tend to choose the tightest one in order to achieve better results. Anyway, the merchant promises that the elastic stocking is "comfort boost".

Pu Yongdong said that elastic stockings are a kind of medical supplies, so there should be certain standards when choosing to use them. When the patient needs to use varicose stockings, the doctor will recommend the corresponding pressure socks according to the patient's current situation. For example, in general, patients with varicose veins may be recommended by doctors for first-grade pressure socks, and for mild varicose veins, doctors will recommend secondary-pressure socks. Depending on the size of the pressure, the maximum pressure of the varicose socks can reach three levels. "If ordinary people buy inappropriate elastic stockings, they will feel uncomfortable, let alone sleep. It is best to buy elastic stockings under the guidance of a doctor according to their legs."

Wearing sleepy socks may not prevent varicose veins

Many online merchants also promoted the original function of the elastic stockings when selling their own sleepy socks - preventing varicose veins. Many women who love beauty also fear that they will stand for too long and there will be varicose veins. Then, is it true that varicose veins will appear when it is too long? In this regard, Pu Yongdong said that varicose veins are mainly the damage of venous valve function in the blood vessels. The root cause of the varicose veins is mostly congenital. Standing for a long time is only varicose veins. One of the incentives. Young women do not have to worry too much. The general age of onset of varicose veins is over 40 years old, mainly because the vein wall of the human body will be degraded to varying degrees with age. For those who are engaged in work that takes a long time to stand up, just pay attention to proper rest. In addition, people who are sedentary should also pay attention to the occurrence of varicose veins. Generally, after mild varicose veins, conservative treatment can be used to relieve symptoms under the guidance of a doctor.