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VCOTTON Cotton: Semi-automatic Era Of Stockings
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Due to the limitations of technology and raw materials, traditional stockings are difficult to make great progress in texture and utility. There are widespread problems such as dryness, smashing, hooking, and lack of flexibility. In today's evolving world, fashion trends have put more on stockings. Higher requirements and solving the inherent problems are ranked first.

The first step in semi-automation is to solve the problem of drying up and letting the stockings “wet” themselves. Traditional stockings using polyester alone are the first to feel dry and closed. Because the fibers themselves are rough and hard, they cause poor touch and block the skin from coming into contact with the air. Secondly, it is dry, discomfort, the material itself is not smooth enough, and the internal environment of the socks is closed, often causing skin problems such as eczema and itching. Through the improvement of the material of French nylon, the stockings are smooth and skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable, and bring a natural 'wet' to the skin while adhering to the skin.

Secondly, the automatic rebound and anti-hooking of the stockings, the traditional stockings have no high resistance to the hooks, because the polyester fiber itself lacks elasticity and plasticity, and the innovation of French nylon makes the stockings have a strong back. Elasticity, after the pull, the stockings have been able to return to the original state through 'memory', using the high strength of bulletproof vests, no longer devastating wounds of the hooks, long-wearing can record the user's body shape, keep the plastic body The role.

In the blend, based on the material properties of French nylon and Lycra, it makes up for the many stubborn diseases of traditional stockings, so that the stockings can automatically bring a comfortable feeling. Trendy fashion requires changeable, comfortable and versatile. Traditional stockings are added to French nylon, allowing designers to bloom on stockings, surpassing the traditional straight and vulnerable image of stockings, showing more colorful, hollow, patterns and texts. More trending elements of stockings, through the Lycra fiber to make the socks, socks and more humane, taking into account the prevention of damage and uneven color, can automatically close to the body, bringing a comfortable wearing experience.

Weimian is working hard to develop a new stockings with creative space, and to take the initiative to provide users with comfortable feelings, focusing on the most shining protagonist on the stage of stockings.