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Various Functions Of Socks And Health Care And Beauty
- Sep 11, 2018 -

There are not only a wide variety of socks, but also the dual functions of health care and beautification of our image. We wear socks in our lives. In winter, we wear thicker socks with better health functions, such as cotton socks, wool socks, stockings. Wait, in the summer, wear thinner, breathable socks, which is the need to beautify.

The foot is also an important organ of the human body. The sweat glands distributed on the soles of the feet are as rich as the palms. Even if the sweat glands of other parts of the body are completely stopped, the secretion of sweat glands in the soles of the feet is still more than that, and the sweating parts are several times that of other parts of the skin.

Because people walk every day, but their feet are confined in small shoes, the inevitable medicine sweats, especially in summer, the soles of the feet sweat a lot, so wear socks that are thin, breathable, moisture-absorbing and dehumidifying. Conducive to the volatilization of sweat.

"Socks are the fashion of the feet" fully reflects the beauty of the socks, and is also an indispensable part of the overall beauty of the human body. To make people wear a healthy and beautiful posture, it depends on the gender, age and body shape of the wearer. , use (such as dance socks, sports socks, daily wear socks and social wear socks, etc.) and seasonal factors to reasonably choose the color, variety and specifications of the socks.

For example, women with taller bodies and thinner legs should use light-colored stockings to visually make the legs look fuller. For women with thicker legs, it is appropriate to choose dark coffee, black and other stockings. Women who are too obese should wear meat-colored socks close to the skin.

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