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Varicose Veins Should Be Bought Carefully In Summer
- Jun 12, 2018 -

When the summer arrived, the sisters of Mancheng Street began the "stockings expo." Women who have varicose veins do not worry, because varicose veins socks not only have the effect of treating varicose veins, but at the time, they can cover up the unsightly "cockroaches". So, at this time, the elastic stockings on Taobao got hot again.

This kind of socks for the treatment of varicose veins is called medical progressive decompression socks, also called medical elastic stockings. It is a lot more elastic than a regular sock, and the principle of healing it depends on this elasticity. Because human leg vein blood backflow needs to overcome the effect of gravity, and the return force can only be provided by muscle contraction. For a variety of reasons, this lack of return force can cause venous blood to stagnate in the legs and produce varicose veins. This kind of socks, through its own elastic force, exerts a downward pressure from the bottom to the top in order to produce an upward force, which helps the venous blood to return, and then it can treat the varicose veins of the lower extremities. This purely physical treatment is an internationally recognized, scientific and safe method that has been widely used in clinical practice.

"Cottage" medical stockings 3 sins choose to be cautious

If you are looking for cheap, beautiful and use a “knockout” without a lot number, you have to pay for the following hazards:

First, delay the illness

"Shanzhai" medical elastic stockings do not have any therapeutic effect, and varicose veins are diseases that will gradually increase over time. The principles of "early detection and early treatment" should be followed to avoid the difficulty of curing the disease at the later stage. Moreover, most patients are already relatively late in the diagnosis of varicose veins, and if they do not use regular medical equipment at this time, it will lead to further delays, which is very unfavorable for rehabilitation.

Second, cause allergies, aggravate the condition

The material and process of the “shanzhai” medical elastic stockings are not valid, and most of them are made of nylon and other chemical fiber materials, and it is difficult to guarantee health and safety. Due to wearing the "cottage" medical elastic stockings cause skin irritation, the case of exacerbation of the pen are all, should give consumers a wake-up call.

Third, economic losses

This is the most immediate danger. Patients buy medical elastic stockings for medical treatment. However, if they buy a “cottage”, they will certainly spend money; on the other hand, if it really causes the disease to increase, then it is likely to face surgery. As a result, it will cost more time.

In short, currently on the market, "shanzhai" medical elastic stockings are flooded, and patients with varicose veins must look for "drug surveillance quasi-words," and treat root causes as soon as possible to avoid being taken.