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Use Bulletproof Materials, American Guys Make Socks That Never Wear
- Aug 13, 2018 -

The 23-year-old company founded by Cameron Carter, who has studied at the US Air Force Academy, is dedicated to making socks that never wear holes. The only way for Carter to achieve this goal is to use military products that make bulletproof vests. Material - Kevlar, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the socks.

The company eventually named the sock as Socrates and claimed that there would never be wear and tear. The socks were mainly woven from Lycra fabric, and Kevlar fiber was used in the parts that are easy to wear on the toes, heels and soles.

Carter originally released the project on the famous financing platform Kickstarter to raise R&D and production funds. The initial target value was 10,000 US dollars (about 62,000 yuan), and now it has received financing of up to 28,000 US dollars.

The company announced that it will stop Kickstarter financing at the end of October, and officially began shipping five weeks later. Currently, Socrates socks are priced at $25 on the company's website. More than 700 people have already booked the product, and the company plans to launch different styles and women's socks after it is officially put into production.