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These Three Situations Indicate That The Socks Have To Be Changed.
- Jul 06, 2018 -

It is said that the cold from the feet, many people think that wearing tight-fitting shoes and socks, the best warmth. In fact, the footwear is too tight and it is easier to freeze the feet. This is because wearing too tight shoes and socks will make the feet and legs feel "out of breath", the blood circulation will slow down, and the heat will not reach the feet effectively, thus increasing the chance of frostbite in the feet.

The most important thing to wear socks is to fit the feet. The socks of moderate size can just wrap the feet, neither too loose nor too tight, can reduce the friction of the shoes on the feet. Too big or inelastic socks often walk around, and the socks are on the toes. This not only hinders the comfort of the feet, but also increases the friction between the feet and the shoes, increasing the chance of skin damage.

Followed by warmth and breathability. When the shoes are worn for a long time, they become damp, and it is easy to breed bacteria, fungi, etc. The cotton and linen socks are breathable and can keep the feet dry.

Socks are worn every day and are easily worn out. If your socks have the following three conditions, it means that they are eliminated.

1. Loss of flexibility. If the socks lose their elasticity, they will increase the friction with the feet. If you walk or exercise, you will not follow your feet. If you sweat, you will feel a slippery feeling and it is easy to get hurt.

2, feeling uncomfortable. Socks have tightness, itching, obvious marks and other discomforts on the feet, which means the socks are not suitable.

3, the heel is thin, there are holes. When the socks are worn for a long time, they will inevitably become thinner, which will result in injury or blistering of the heels.

Rehabilitation Road Network reminds that when washing socks, it can not be used to prevent the socks from slipping or breaking after the strong friction; the water temperature of the washing socks should not exceed 40 °C, otherwise the socks will shrink after heat, socks The bottom becomes smaller, and even the socks are hardened and deteriorated. In order to maintain the original luster of the socks, it is best not to use soap with too much alkali, as long as it is lightly rubbed by hand, rinse with water and put it in a cool, ventilated place.