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These Three Kinds Of Socks Are Quietly Jeopardizing The Health Of Your Child. Isn’t Your Mother Lost?
- Nov 05, 2018 -

The weather has obviously become a lot colder, so everybody cares whether the child is full and warm, but also pay attention to the coldness of the child's feet. They all say that "the cold starts from the feet". If the bottom of the foot is not warm, it will also catch the cold. We know that it is not cold, the easiest way is to put socks on your child, but you know? In fact, picking socks is also very particular, the following three kinds of socks are not suitable for children to wear.

First, there are too many lines of socks

In the relevant news reports, we can often see that children who are less than a month are entangled in the feet with a lot of socks, and finally cause nerve damage to the blood vessels. Therefore, when mothers choose socks for their children, they must keep a few more eyes and see if there are any extra lines in the socks. It is best to trim and clean them before wearing them. If you wear a pair of socks when you find that your baby is crying, be sure to pay attention to whether the line is entangled in the toes.

Second, the socks are too tight socks

Many mothers like to buy a tighter when they buy socks, and feel that they can keep warm. In fact, this is a very wrong approach. Generally speaking, no matter whether it is an adult or a child, you should not choose too tight socks, because it is not conducive to the circulation of blood in the feet, and even affects blood circulation. In addition, the tightness of the sock may also thicken the stratum corneum of the skin of the foot and cause the corns. Therefore, whether the mother chooses socks for herself or for her children, she should choose socks that are as loose and soft as possible.

If you accidentally licked some socks with tight socks, you should trim them slightly at the mouth of the socks, so that you won't be very good. Of course, you can also use a large object to hold the socks up, which will make the socks more relaxed.

Third, the heavy color socks

We know that if the fading is more serious when cleaning the socks, the socks must have added a lot of chemical dyes. This is very harmful to the human body, not to mention our young children. So for such socks, mom should throw it away immediately. Because the child's skin is very sensitive, and those chemicals are very easy to invade the child's health and cause harm to the child's body. Therefore, when choosing a sock, my mother chooses light-colored, pure cotton socks as much as possible.

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