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The Socks Museum Collects Jackson's Socks
- Aug 16, 2018 -

There are a lot of strange museums, but have you seen the museum that collects "smelly socks"? Today, the first sock museum in China, the Chuancheng Socks Museum, was officially opened in Huashi Town, Jiangyin. According to reports, the museum has collected nearly 10,000 pairs of socks from the Qing Dynasty to the present, and the most expensive pair of socks has reached a price of 100,000 US dollars. There are so many rare things to see in the Socks Museum? Yesterday, the reporter was lucky enough to enter the Socks Museum before the opening of the museum.

China's first sock museum

Yesterday, the reporter found the Socks Museum at the entrance of Jiangyin Huashi Park Scenic Spot. This is a two-story building with blue bricks and black tiles.

“Our museum is the first sock museum in the country confirmed by the China Socks Association.” Liu Guomeng, the curator of the museum, proudly told the reporter that the Chuancheng Socks Museum was invested by more than 5 million yuan in a stocking company in Jiangyin. The total area of the whole museum is more than 3,000 square meters. It is divided into upper and lower floors. It has seven sections including comprehensive exhibition and celebrity collection. It collects nearly 10,000 pairs of socks from all over the world from the Qing Dynasty to the present, and expounds the history and culture of socks development.

The most expensive socks are Jackson's

Socks in the Socks Museum are of course socks, and each pair has its own story behind it.

According to Liu Guomeng, the most expensive pair of socks in the Socks Museum is a pair of shining classic white socks that Michael Jackson passed at the concert in 1988.

The pair of socks was auctioned back last year at a museum in the United States at a price of $100,000.

The oldest sock in the museum is the sock weaved by the world's first hosiery machine, which has been around for more than 400 years.

Interestingly, when the British invented the world's first hosiery machine and hosiery drawings, the Queen Elizabeth at the time regarded it as a state secret. But no one expected that the drawings were stolen by a French spy and later swayed by private collectors. Today, this drawing has also become the collection of the Chuan Sock Museum.

Socks used to be a high-end gift

After the opening of the Socks Museum, Liu Guomeng said that in order to let more people know the history of the socks, they initially considered the open form of the museum as free of charge. Citizens and travel agencies who want to visit the Socks Museum need to make an appointment in advance to collect tickets. The museum can only accept up to 1000 people a day. ”

"Don't look at the current socks, but few people know that socks have always been a luxury in ancient times."

Liu Guomeng told reporters that the history of socks is very interesting. Before the world's first hosiery machine appeared, only the dignitaries could afford socks, and socks were often given as high-end gifts to relatives and friends. From the time of Emperor Hanzhao, there was a "suggested in the aunt". In the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Zhi went to his father Cao Cao to "give tribute socks", while the sock gift box packaging in the Republic of China was very beautiful. The length of the socks has also evolved in the long river of history. At first, the sock was generally 30 centimeters. When it was in the Republic of China, it was influenced by Western culture. The socks of the socks began to grow long, once reached 60 cm, and now, the socks The length is more abundant, the shortest is only a dozen centimeters, and the longest stockings are more than 1 meter.