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The Role Of Pantyhose
- Aug 10, 2018 -

The pantyhose is a pair of shorts and stockings. The two can't be separated. Therefore, women don't have to wear a pair of shorts when they wear pantyhose. Because they have good elasticity, they feel comfortable after wearing them. Pantyhose is loved by many women. Tights are more comfortable to wear in the spring and autumn, more suitable for wearing pantyhose in summer. Breathable and sweaty.

1.Modify the legs

Some small flaws and shortcomings in the legs can be covered by stockings. In addition, the smoothness and smoothness of the stockings can increase the beauty of the legs. Wearing stockings can give people a sense of solemnity, beauty and elegance. Therefore, female employees in many industries must wear stockings when they work.

2. Sunscreen

When going out in the summer, sun protection is a concern for everyone. If you do not take protective measures, the face, arms and legs that are exposed outside are easily sunburned and sunburned, so many people should apply sunscreen skin care products before going out. (such as sunscreen, etc.). Be aware that sunscreen is a chemical that has a certain impact on the body. If you wear a pair of stockings on your legs, you can greatly reduce the intensity of the sun shining on your legs and play a protective role.

3. Prevent varicose veins

People are walking upright. Because of the gravitational effect of the earth, the pressure on the leg veins is much greater than other parts of the body, so many people are prone to varicose veins. By artificially applying a certain amount of external force to the leg, it is possible to prevent or reduce varicose veins in the leg. Wearing pantyhose can do this.

4. Prevent edema

People who have been working in standing for a long time, such as: welcoming staff in hotels, hotels, waiters, waiters in shopping malls, soldiers standing guards; people who are flying for a long time, etc., because of the long position of the legs in the lower position, prone to edema . Wearing pantyhose is equivalent to applying a certain amount of pressure to the leg from the outside of the leg, which can greatly reduce the edema of the leg.

5. Cold and warm

When the weather is cold, you don't want to wear too thick clothing. You can choose a pair of appropriate thickness pantyhose to wear on your legs (you can also wear pantyhose in your trousers), so you can keep warm and cold. You can also avoid the legs being too bloated.

6. Prevent trousers from sticking when sweating

When wearing trousers in the summer, when the legs sweat, the trousers will stick to the legs, increasing the friction between the skin of the legs and the trousers, which is greatly inconvenient for the action. If you wear a pair of smooth pantyhose in the trousers, the situation is very different (the pantyhose should be breathable). At this time, you will feel that the trousers and the skin of the legs will never stick together, whether or not you sweat on your legs. You will not be affected by any action. Need to explain that wearing thin silk pantyhose and wearing long pants in the trousers, the feeling of heat is basically the same.

7. Working in an air-conditioned room for a long time

Silk socks should be worn. In summer, people often wear very little clothes. When working in an air-conditioned room for a long time, they will feel a little cold. For a long time, they are prone to diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism. Wearing double pantyhose on the leg can reduce the occurrence of the above phenomenon