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The Protection And Washing For Pantyhose
- Aug 10, 2018 -

The pantyhose is soft and slender. If you don't pay attention to the rough, sharp and hard things, it will be scratched or snagging to form an ugly crack, so the protection of the pantyhose is crucial.

First, the new pantyhose should be placed in the freezer of the refrigerator for more than 24 hours before being put on, and then directly taken out and naturally thawed. Because low temperatures change the chemical properties of nylon filaments, their durability is much improved.

Secondly, women should keep the inner layer of the shoes flat when they are wearing them, especially in the shoes that have been hit by the soles of the shoes. Sometimes the tips of the nails are easy to sew; the stones falling into the shoes should be removed in time; the nails of the hands and feet are too long. Rough skin on the soles of the feet is also a common cause of sock threading, so trim your nails when wearing socks.

Finally, for a pantyhose that has been hung up a little bit, you can take a small drop of transparent nail polish at the hole, which can cover up the sputum and avoid further off-line.

When washing pantyhose, try to wash with warm water. Do not throw it into the washing machine for cleaning. The ripples of the washing machine will cause the socks to be severely damaged, causing the socks to lose their elasticity and luster. If you want to wash with a washing machine, it is best to put the pantyhose in a gauze net bag and then put it into the washing machine for cleaning. If you wash by hand, do not use hard soap to polish or sprinkle with detergent. It is best to use a detergent to gently rub your hands. After the socks are washed, try not to screw them hard, so as not to damage the fibrous tissue of the pantyhose, and the pantyhose is damaged. Don't use rubber plaster to patch or stitch with a thread, which will not only work, but will destroy the beauty.