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The Mystery Of The Hosiery Hole
- Aug 16, 2018 -

Give everyone the knowledge of science and socks, many people will fall into the misunderstanding.

The main components of socks are: natural fiber - cotton, bamboo fiber; synthetic fiber - synthetic fiber such as polyester, spandex and other elastic fibers;

Comparison of abrasion resistance of fibers: bamboo fiber < cotton fiber < polyester and other synthetic fibers

During the wearing process of the socks, the natural fibers (cotton or bamboo fibers) which are not wear-resistant are firstly worn off, and the synthetic fibers have good abrasion resistance and are not easily broken, so that the ground natural fibers are entangled on the synthetic fibers to form small balls. This is the pilling.

If the sock is completely synthetic fiber, there will be no fiber breakage, it will not pilling, but it will not absorb moisture and sweat, and it will easily stink its feet;

If the socks are completely natural fibers, they will not pilling, the fibers will be broken, fluffed, there will be no small balls, moisture absorption and perspiration are good, and they are not stinky, but they are not elastic, not durable, and the cost is high.

Therefore, the ball we usually ask for is mainly reasonable in distribution ratio. Generally, the natural fiber content is more than 80%. The anti-pilling property is very good. At the same time, it absorbs moisture and sweats, and the foot feels good!