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The Most Suitable Raw Material For Socks
- Aug 22, 2018 -

The socks worn in the four seasons of our daily life are preferably cotton, and the recommended cotton content is more than 60%. Modal's comfort, but Modal fiber is not easy to distinguish, the winter warm material is more hairy, recommended cotton and linen blended, both warm and breathable.

The raw materials are: bamboo carbon is a natural old bamboo as raw material, using high-tech nanotechnology to micronize bamboo carbon, and then through the melt spinning process to uniformly integrate bamboo carbon into the polyester fiber, thereby making bamboo carbon fiber. Bamboo carbon has a strong adsorption capacity, can automatically adjust the humidity, absorb sulfide, alcohol, benzene and other harmful chemicals, decomposition of odor and deodorization. It has natural and environmentally friendly properties, and is more resistant to bacteria and contains negative ions. It is a new type of green fiber.

Characteristics of LYCRA elastic fiber: 1. Lycra (LYCRA) elastic fiber socks are more close-fitting and feel more comfortable. 2. Lycra (LYCRA) elastic fiber has unique stretch and retraction characteristics, which means that it can make the type of socks have long-lasting fit and comfort. The socks with LYCRA elastic fiber are smooth and applied to the legs. On the move, the action is completely unconstrained and free.

Bamboo fiber is a kind of natural fiber. It is made of bamboo and processed with high-tech technology to maintain the special properties of natural fiber. Langsha designers have developed a new type of product using natural bamboo fiber. This product features soft, moisture-absorbing, breathable, aesthetically pleasing appearance and comfortable fit.

Modal fiber is made from beech wood pulp. The production of pulp is carried out in a good condition without significant pollution to the environment, so it is a new type of green fiber technology product. The advantage of MODAL fiber is that it combines the luxurious texture of natural fibers with the practicality of rayon. It has the softness of cotton, the smoothness of silk, the smoothness of hemp, and the superior water absorption and air permeability. Ultrafine modal fineness 1.0dtex-0.3dtex, which differs from ordinary fibers in the uniform fine length of high fineness and high purity.

Tencel is an environmentally-friendly new type of cellulose fiber. It is made from the natural wood-derived wood pulp by advanced closed solution spinning method. Through the combination of natural and scientific technology, the comfortable texture of natural fiber and artificial The practicality and the second of the fiber are high-strength, the fiber is not easy to break, tough and durable, and has good moisture absorption performance. Tencel is a natural new raw material.