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The Main Fabrics Of Socks Are Cotton, Wool, And Velvet. How Do We Identify Them?
- Aug 09, 2018 -

1. Fibers such as cotton are rapidly burned when they come into contact with the flame. After leaving the flame, they continue to burn. There is a burning paper smell, leaving a small amount of gray ash after burning.

2. When the protein fiber such as wool is in contact with the flame, it will burn slowly. When it leaves the flame, it can also burn. When it burns, it emits a strong odor. After burning, it leaves black and crisp ash.

3, velvet from Japan, the use of a spandex wire, the use of ultra-fine fiber (50 times thinner than the hair) material wrapped around the velvet. The velvet shows the grade of the socks according to the content of the ingredients. The higher the content, the better the elasticity. Its characteristics: smooth and soft, very durable, excellent elasticity, comfortable fit, smooth appearance

4. Bamboo fiber fabric characteristics

The raw material of bamboo fiber yarn is made of high quality mountain bamboo fiber in the south, and the staple fiber yarn produced by bamboo pulp fiber is a green product. The knitted fabric and garment made of cotton yarn made from the raw material are obviously different from cotton and wood fiber. The unique style of plain fiber:

Abrasion resistance, no hair ball, high moisture absorption, fast drying, high gas permeability, good drape, smooth and full-feeling, soft, anti-mold, anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial, cool and comfortable. It has excellent dyeing performance, bright luster, good natural antibacterial effect and environmental protection, and conforms to the trend of modern people pursuing health and comfort.

In particular, the blending of bamboo fiber with other types of fibers in a specific ratio can not only reflect the performance of other fibers, but also fully utilize the characteristics of bamboo fibers, bringing new features to knitted fabrics. Pure and blended yarns (mixed with different kinds of different kinds of fibers, such as Tencel, Modal, Perspiration Polyester, Negative Oxygen Polyester, Corn Fiber, Cotton, Acrylic Fiber, etc.), are the fabric of choice for knitted close-fitting textiles. In the trend fashion, the spring and summer clothes of bamboo fiber fabrics are more effective.