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The History Of Socks
- Jun 22, 2018 -

British man WillianLee, whose wife was engaged in manual weaving to cause his research on knitting machines, invented the world's first hand-knitted knitting machine in 1589 to make woollen trousers. In 1589, it was changed into a knitting machine that could produce fine silk stockings. Soon, Fournier, a Frenchman, began producing silk stockings in Lyon. Cotton stockings were not produced until the mid-17th century. In 1933, dupont, a chemistry teacher accidentally discovered coal tar, a mixture of air and water in high temperature melting can pull out after a hard, wear-resisting, slender and flexible filament, nylon fiber, it is undoubtedly a milestone in the history of the socks.The first nylon socks were introduced in the United States in 1938.Europe became popular late, until the first nylon stockings were officially sold in 1945.Since then, the socks market has changed dramatically. So, from the first hand hosiery machine, to today's most modern characteristics of the computer hosiery machine; From the linen, the ge cloth, the silk to the present "knitting fiber", "dupont silk". The evolution of socks has gone through over 2,000 years. From raw materials, equipment to weaving technology, we have penetrated the sweat and wisdom of mankind...Socks both style and material selection of, or the work practice, in the process of several thousand years of development, constantly improve and perfect, now socks technology enough to satisfy the requirement of people for comfort, but also a wide variety of derivatives in order to beautiful and socks.