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The Difference Between The Stocking And The Boat Socks
- Aug 10, 2018 -

The two are very different, different styles, and different environmental conditions.

The stocking are standard equipment for school uniforms in many areas. A few school rules stipulate that most of the boys’ uniforms or girls’ uniforms are cotton stockings, mainly dark (such as black and dark blue) and white. The school rules or school style are popular. It can be kept comfortable in an air-conditioned environment, and avoids the etiquette problem of showing the side of the stocking. Make the overall dress elegant and comfortable, generous and generous.

The boat socks originally originated in Japan and are used for bare feet in the house. Nowadays, it is popular in the whole world. It is a kind of socks that are open on the instep. After wearing it, it looks like a boat, hence the name "boat socks". There are many boat socks. Different styles: jacquard, warp-knitted mesh cut and sew, add sponge pad, sock lace and so on. Some girls want to fully display the curve of the legs, so that the socks are not good-looking, so they will wear invisible socks, which visually feel like no socks, usually with shorts or hot pants. In fact, the boat socks are also different, one is cotton, the socks are covered to the instep, the authentic ones are generally silky, and sometimes the princess shoes can not be seen. There is now even one part of the toe. Overall, the boat socks are both beautiful and convenient, and are very popular among everyone.

2, the tube socks:

The length is about the middle of the calf (between stockings and socks, the length is shorter than the knee socks, the length of the knee socks is shorter than the knee socks, the length of the knee socks is shorter than the stockings), and the length is covered when wearing Half of the calf.

3, boat socks:

The boat socks are very short socks. To the extent that you can't see the socks after wearing the shoes (or just the edges of the socks), the socks are below the ankles. The name of the "socks" is because the shape of the socks is like a boat. Because the length is up to the ankle, it is also called "socks", "boat socks" and "super socks". In Taiwan, it is called "invisible". Socks".