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The Deformation Of Socks
- Aug 16, 2018 -

Socks are worn every day, but their aesthetics and comfort have never been taken seriously. Today's fashion crowd is gradually changing the "attitude" of socks, and began to pay attention to the design and wearing of socks.

The reporter's investigation found that many brands have launched a lot of strange socks according to the needs of the public, such as "three pairs of ones" of "wrong socks", sleeping "sleeping socks", ergonomic "right-angle socks" and so on. In this issue, we will take a look at these new "deformation" socks.

Mix and match "wrong socks"

"Wrong socks" is actually "wrong" while wearing two socks that look similar and different. This is also a very interesting way of wearing in Europe and America. For example, the same background has different patterns, the same style and different lengths. Socks mix and so on. When you mix it, you can use your personal preferences to create your own personality.

This interesting way of dressing also inspired the designer's inspiration. The designers of VCOTTON designed two pairs of socks as "three pairs". In this way, a pair of socks will appear in three different ways to change. Moreover, "wrong socks" has an advantage, that is, because it is "three pairs and one pair", it is no longer afraid that the socks will be lost and one cannot be worn.

Right angle socks Comfort change from 120° to 90°

Ergonomic right-angle socks, sounds very esoteric? The socks we wear, the socks and the body are angled at about 120 degrees. So, what is the effect of turning a 120 degree angle into a right angle?

Many friends have the problem of "can't wear socks": the socks are always stacked in the direction of the toes, which makes people very annoyed. In fact, this is because the heel is not enough, and the socks at the ankle will slide down. Right-angled socks can easily solve this problem, and there is no longer a frequent "socks". It is understood that not only right-angle socks are suitable for such people in need, but also ordinary people can wear them comfortably.

Couple socks, double entry, must-have for the hipsters

Couple socks are wearing the same style different size? Too bad. Such a new fashion is not the fashion style of today's young people. Similar and change is their favorite.

A pair of people share with us: "In fact, there are many ways to match couple socks. For example, I like cartoons. I wear Pleasant socks. He wears gray wolves. Sometimes we wear the same pattern with different colors. It’s fun to mess up the two pairs of socks, the same on both feet! It’s funny and very trendy! In short, it’s enough to have the same elements. It’s interesting to try.” Indeed, love each other. People's socks can also wear a couple's expression.

Sleeping socks, warm feet, sleep well

Sleeping socks? That's right. Wearing socks during sleep is good for keeping your feet warm and promoting blood circulation. It is especially suitable for the elderly, women and children with weak constitution.

The designer suggested that since the role of the sleeping socks is to keep warm and comfortable, the material of the socks must be kept warm and breathable, and the part of the socks should not be able to stretch the legs. The design aspect should be simplified because complex patterns and cuts are not conducive to the stretching of the foot. Many people will ask: "Can ordinary cotton socks be worn as sleeping socks?" The answer is yes. As long as the above conditions are met, the effect of keeping warm and promoting sleep for both feet can be achieved.