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The Construction Of Socks
- Aug 08, 2018 -

face yarn (cotton) + bottom yarn (spandex coated silk or nylon) + welt (elastic coated wire). (1) Types of surface yarns include (cotton yarn, polyester yarn, cotton yarn, acrylic yarn, wool and cotton or acrylic blended yarn, size and chemical fiber yarn, etc.). A. The surface yarns are included in the thickness specifications (10, 20, 21, 32, 40, 60). B, cotton yarn is divided into (carded cotton, combed cotton) ordinary thick cotton socks generally use carded cotton; male gentleman socks generally use combed cotton. (2) The type of bottom yarn includes (nylon, polyester, nylon) A, nylon polyester can be included in the thickness of elasticity (2075, 3075, 4075, 2070, 3070, 4070, 20100, 30150), etc. B, nylon according to the thickness of the elastic It can include (40D/2, 70D/2, 100D/2) and so on. (3) Elastic band includes (nylon coated wire, polyester coated wire) rubber wire wrapped with nylon filament or polyester filament A, rubber band can be included according to the thickness of elasticity (90#, 100#, 140#, 180 #) B, also has a spandex, called double-coated spandex, this spandex line is very thin, very flexible, can also be used as a rubber band, this size of spandex is several times more expensive than ordinary spandex and elastic. Therefore, a pair of pure cotton socks = cotton Cotton + spandex Spandex, the ratio of the yarn to the inner yarn is generally 75% to 25%. For example, the socks trademark is marked with: 72% cotton 20% spandex 5% nylon 3% rubber, so the socks yarn is pure cotton yarn, we call it pure cotton socks.