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The Announcements Of Socks
- Aug 24, 2018 -

Socks wholesale network suggest that everyone, when wearing stockings, should pay attention to take off the ring, watches and other things that easily smash socks, and ensure that your own nails have been repaired smooth, otherwise it is easy to smash socks.

When wearing socks, first put the toes and heels on the knees, then put the two parts on the knees, then support the panties and slowly pull up until the waist. If you feel that the crotch is not long enough, you should retreat and wear it. Do not pull it up. In case the stockings are broken, do not use needle stitching, because the socks that are added in this way are not beautiful on the legs, just apply them with nail polish.

When buying stockings, be sure to pay attention to the size of the foot, the socks are too big to slip easily; too small because of the toe, it is easy to puncture the thread. When you wear it, keep the inner layer of the shoe flat, especially in the shoes that have been worn over the soles of the shoes. The stone particles falling into the shoes should be removed in time. The long fingertips of the hands and feet and the rough skin of the soles of the feet are also common causes of sock threading and should be trimmed frequently. When wearing, roll the sock to the heel area, then put it on the toe, and slowly put it on the side, so as to prevent the hook from breaking.

When washing stockings, avoid rubbing on the hard board and rubbing on the hard board to prevent the stockings from slipping or breaking after strong friction; it should not be washed with hot water higher than the degree, otherwise the socks will be heated. A large contraction occurs, making the soles smaller. Usually, the silk head exposed on the front and back of the socks should not be pulled casually. The silk head that has been pulled out should be repaired in time.

When the newly purchased stockings are not worn, they should be soaked in light vinegar water, which can increase the toughness of the stockings and make them more resistant to wear and tear. In order to make the color of the stockings long, it is best to add a little salt in the water during washing. After washing, spray a little vinegar on the stockings, so that you can get rid of the foot odor, and the second can kill the stain. Miscellaneous bacteria on stockings. Do not use force to twist after the socks are cleaned, and apply them to the group and then force them to dry, then dry them in a cool, dry place, and avoid hanging in the hot sun.

The most economical way is to buy a pair of stockings at the same time. When buying stockings, buy at least three pairs of the same color stockings at one time. The reason is that one of them is broken and can be filled with another one. This principle is not only for women socks, but also for men. The purchase method of socks and children's socks should also be the same. One person should buy several pairs of stockings a year.