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Swedish Sock Army HAPPY SOCKS Injects Joy And Quality Into China
- Aug 17, 2018 -

In 2008, in Sweden's overcast April, a dream about socks was born silently. The creative team of Happy Socks has put the concept of joyful color into practice in the small park in the centre of Sdemogo, with its cherry trees and blueberry shrubs. Its products are used in style and design. A variety of fresh combinations, the quality of the pursuit of the highest level of pursuit.

“Born to be seen” is the concept that this international brand wants to convey to consumers. Socks can also be a fashion accessory, becoming an important item that makes you a fashion focus. The socks are no longer hidden in the shoes or hidden in the trousers, but are exposed to the outside, allowing the colorful to move unscrupulously. Happy Socks is a natural revealer, it is not to be hidden, it is to be your best embellishment, let you show your style. Put on its colorful socks, so that you can instantly brighten from the faint wear, different occasions, different styles, and different mental outlooks, you can find the most suitable companion for your feet. Happy Socks insists on its originality, making it a model for fashion pattern socks and the only sock brand that can set foot on the international fashion scene.

“Bringing joy and quality to every corner of the world”

- Happy Socks Happy Socks

In just three and a half years, this Swedish fashion socks brand has covered more than 3,000 retail stores in more than 50 countries around the world. As far as Europe and the United States, as far as Japan's Isetan and Hong Kong Lane Crawford are filled with the joy of Happy Socks.

VIKTOR TELL, the creative director of Happy Socks, especially likes fun and colorful patterns and designs. His motto “All Play, No Work” fully reflects his soul for the Happy Socks brand: to sublimate a simple and forgotten everyday object into a fun, entertaining design. Fashion products.

MIKAEL S?DERLINDH, CEO of Happy Socks, is a good friend of Viktor for many years. Bringing a brand from nothing to the home, to every corner of the world, is the driving force behind his transformation, and his passion for focusing on developing a single product. Advocating originality and letting you develop is the main driving force of Happy Socks.