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Sterilized Deodorant Socks Came Out
- Aug 14, 2018 -

Stockings are the favorite of many people. People wear socks on average about 12 hours a day. The quality of socks directly determines the comfort level of the feet, so the innovation of socks is very important. Recently, AUN nano silver antibacterial and anti-odor socks have been sold to the ground. This kind of socks containing silver ions can fundamentally inhibit the environment of foot fungus growth, which has a good inhibitory effect on foot and foot odor, and even cures.

AUN antibacterial and deodorant socks are derived from aerospace antibacterial technology. By inserting special nano silver in the fiber, the fabric not only has strong and long-lasting spectral physical antibacterial function, but also effectively inhibits superbugs. The safety of the fabric reaches the standard of the baby's close-fitting product, and the consumer wears it more comfortably and safely.

The sock was developed by the AUN team for a full three years. The main technical difficulty is how to firmly integrate the nano silver factor into the combed cotton fiber. It is reported that this kind of socks can kill more than one thousand kinds of foot bacteria, and at the same time can withstand more than 100 times of washing and still have 90% antibacterial socks.