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Spring Out Wearing Thick Socks
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Spring tour has become a fashionable and green pastime. People who love beauty will spend a lot of time and energy on sportswear and sports shoes, but at this time people ignore the significant impact of socks on travel. Khp China Socks Network Professor Lu Yifan, Professor of Sports Medicine, Beijing Sport University, reminds everyone to wear double thick socks. Because when traveling, it is inevitable to climb mountains and walk long distances, and the roads in the suburbs are generally uneven. If you wear thin socks, stockings or barefoot shoes, it is easy to slip on the soles due to sweating on the feet.

In addition, the upper and the upper of the sneakers are usually hard. If you wear thin socks, the ankles will be unprotected. When walking on steep slopes or gravel roads, the ankles are easily sprained, especially for women. In addition, Lu Yifan also pointed out that the skin of the human sole is relatively delicate, and thin socks, especially stockings, are particularly easy to stick together with the soles of the feet after sweating, and wear the skin of the soles of the feet, causing blisters or thick blemishes.

Thick socks, the bottom of the foot is generally thicker, can play a role in buffering pressure, can effectively protect the arch of the foot and the skin of the sole. Khp China Socks Network For texture, it is recommended to choose thicker cotton socks or thin towel socks with thicker soles, because they are more breathable, can absorb sweat, and will not cause the soles to slip.

Therefore, to better protect our feet, it is best to wear double cotton socks.