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Some Nouns Related To Elastic Stockings
- Sep 03, 2018 -

In the advertisement of "burning fat stovepipe socks", the terms "diamond weave" and "daniel coefficient" can often be seen. What is their true meaning?

Q: The model of the elastic stockings contains the letter "D", such as 480D, 420D, what does it mean?

A: 480D or 420D is often seen on the stockings sold on the market. The "D" is the abbreviation of the denier unit "Denier", which is defined as the weight in grams of 9000 meters of fiber. The fineness is a fixed length value, and the larger the "D" value, the thicker the fiber. In general, it refers to the thickness of the socks. The larger the number in front of D, the thicker the socks, and the pressure on the socks is not necessarily related.

Q: Some of the “burning fat stovepipe socks” sold on the Internet are called Italian diamond weaving. What are the advantages of the process?

A: The diamond weaving process is the warp-knitted tissue structure process, which is the tissue of our common weaving nets. The weaving process is characterized by the characteristics of the warp-knitted fabric, which is not easy to be dissipated than the ordinary weft-knitted sock.

Q: Is there a corresponding standard for elastic stockings (pressure stockings)?

A: There are currently 3 types of socks performing standards: FZ/T73001-2008 "Socks", FZ/T73037-2010 "Knitted Sports Socks" and FZ/T73031-2009 "Stressing Socks", there is no such thing as "burning fat stovepipe" The standard of socks.

FZ/T73031-2009 "Compression Socks" requirements: the gradient of the pressure from the crotch to the sock is decreasing, wearing a sense of pressure when wearing, and having a feeling of relaxation during exercise. The assessment points include: thigh heel, middle thigh, humeral humerus, lower knee, maximal calf circumference, Achilles tendon and calf muscle transition, and the circumference of the ankle. The pressure is from 8 to 20 mm. High mercury column

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