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Some Knowledge Of Boat Socks
- Aug 09, 2018 -

The origin of the boat socks

Boat socks appeared in the early 1980s, when tennis equipment began to rise. The classic style has two hairy balls in the ankle position, which became popular again in the mid-2000s, but has changed a lot of styles, mainly used to match the skateboard, followed by shorts or short skirts. Some girls are wearing them, because they want to show the curve of the legs completely. The socks are not good-looking, so they will wear invisible socks, which are usually worn during sports or in casual sports styles, usually with shorts or hot pants. In fact, the boat socks are also different, one is cotton, the socks are covered to the instep, the authentic ones are generally silky, and sometimes the princess shoes can not be seen. There is also a part that even has a toe.

Originally originated in Japan, the boat socks are used for bare feet in the house. Nowadays, it is popular in the world. It is a kind of socks that are open on the instep. After wearing it, it looks like a boat, hence the name "boat socks". There are many boat socks. Different styles: jacquard, warp-knitted mesh cut and sew, add sponge pad, sock lace and so on.

Classification of boat socks

Boat socks include lace boat socks, cotton boat socks, Korean boat socks and invisible boat socks. The boat socks themselves are a kind of socks. How can they be classified? But in fact, the boat socks are also different, there is a kind of boat socks (usually cotton), the socks cover the instep, in fact, this kind of socks is not strictly in the sense of the boat socks. Authentic boat socks are shown in the picture, they are generally silky, and sometimes they can't be seen wearing princess shoes. There is also a boat socks that even have toes.

Boat socks can also be divided into full boat socks and sling boat socks.

Maintenance of boat socks

1. Pay special attention to the surface of the jewelry and nails when wearing or taking off socks.

2. Prevent the heel from cracking during the dry season

3. Always check whether the shoes are flat or not, so as to prevent unnecessary damage to the washing instructions.

4. Wash with neutral detergent in warm water, do not wring out, use dry towel to absorb excess water

5. Dry naturally in the shade

6. Do not use it in the sun or iron.