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Socks With Three Elements
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Perhaps thanks to the design of the men's designer Thom Browne, he shortened the design of the men's pants, making the socks look like a fashion element. Just introduced the past life of the socks, then come to pay attention to the life of the socks. There is a small suggestion about socks. The socks in the closet can be divided into different sections according to the season. The requirements for socks are different in different seasons. It is a hot summer, and there are three main elements of summer socks.

Comfort: Choose a pair of suitable socks in the summer to help you stand out from the crowd. While ensuring attractiveness, the most important point in summer is comfort. When choosing socks in the summer, the primary consideration is comfort. In the hot summer days, staying comfortable and breathable at high temperatures is the first test that socks need to pass. Therefore, in terms of materials, in addition to cotton, natural fiber is undoubtedly the most suitable fabric, bamboo fiber, hemp fiber are good choices.

Decentness: When you choose socks, remember that just matching your shoes is only one aspect, but also whether it is suitable for your clothes, whether it is decent. There are a lot of socks that need to be noticed in the matching, can not be ignored. Clean or not is also an important part of the decent, shoes can be worn dirty, and even deliberately wear dirty and old effects. But the socks must not be dirty, and the socks in the men's fashion match are the life gates. If they are seen, the impression points will be greatly reduced. There is a typical counter-example: former World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz showed a pair of shredded socks when he visited a mosque in Turkey, and accidentally went to the headlines of countries around the world. Dad, the personal image is divided as a function of exponential function.

Integrity: In the matching of socks, we must pay attention to the concept of "resonance". Choose socks based on your overall dress color and style.

First of all, in terms of color, there is a good way to match the color of the socks with one of your overall accessories. Choose a suit from the body, and then choose a pair of socks of the same color to match, there will be no mistakes. There is also a small method, socks and shoes and pants, a color, different shades, can visually stretch the leg length.

Another step forward is that in terms of style, the tooling style of the American style can be selected from gray and brown socks with retro colors. At the same time, the old hemp snow pattern will be more colorful than the solid color. And if you are a street teenager, hip-hop rock style, shoes are mainly Martin boots, Redwing, all kinds of cotton socks are your dish. The Japanese style and the cool cold wind of Issey Miyake, the sneakers and light-colored socks are the best choice.