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Socks Wearing Little Knowledge
- Aug 24, 2018 -

1 leather shoes do not match white socks

A common mistake in daily life is: when a man is sitting, a pair of white cotton socks are exposed between the trousers and the shoes. This disharmony is caused by the confusion between the formal wear and the casual socks. Meet the dress etiquette. Because white socks and light-colored cotton socks are only suitable for sports and leisure wear.

2 men's socks match

The color of the men's socks should be a basic neutral color and deeper than the color of the trousers. The color of the men's socks matches the suit is the most fashionable and the simplest way to wear. If the suit is gray, you can choose gray socks, light-colored western suits with darker brown or brown socks. White and light cotton socks are used for casual styles and loafers.

When wearing a suit shorts, too long socks look rustic. Wear socks with a length below the calf, preferably short socks just to the ankle. And try to pick light colors that are not eye-catching. If you are doing pure white sports, the socks must be white sports socks that are not stained. Make sure that the length of the sock is so that you don't have to sit on your back or expose one leg to the other.

3 How long is it better to change the socks?

Under normal circumstances, experts recommend that a pair of socks should not be worn continuously for more than 3 days. When conditions permit, it is recommended that you change it every day to keep your feet dry. Not only can you effectively prevent foot disease, but it also helps to extend the life of your socks.

A pair of socks has a life span of about 3 months. If you have more than 3 months of socks, you are advised not to wear them even if they are not broken. Long-wearing socks will breed some bacteria, and there is no way to completely remove them by ordinary washing.

4 Why is the cotton socks cotton content not 100%?

Because cotton is a soft and comfortable natural fiber, there are almost no 100% cotton socks on the market. Because 100% cotton socks have no toughness, they can't help but wear. Generally, cotton on the market is more than 85%. The specific, there is no fixed number, just in general. Cotton socks (cotton on the market) are soft and comfortable to wear, breathable and wicking, and cost-effective.

5 socks washing knowledge

Socks should not be washed with underwear, so as not to cause cross-infection caused by athlete's foot; add a little vinegar when washing socks, that is, deodorizing effect, and can be sterilized; can not wash cotton socks with 84 disinfectant, so as not to reduce the life of socks; When washing socks with a washing machine, first use a rubber plaque to tie the toe, which can cause the toe to lose its elasticity; when drying the socks, remember to put the toe up.

6 use of old cotton socks

Don't underestimate these old stockings and old cotton socks, they can help you solve many practical problems in your life. Here are some tips on how to use old socks.

Leather shoes. Putting your hands directly in the old cotton socks can be very convenient to wipe the shoes; put a few pairs of broken socks into a group, plug in the shoes to prevent long-term deformation; cover the hand to scrub the bulbs and other uneven things, convenient and good Use; cut the old socks, put on the child's knees and elbows, to prevent the child from scratching the skin when falling; put the old cotton socks on the broom, can clean the hair, hair on the ground Chips, etc., and not easy to ash; use old cotton socks to install mothballs, put them in the closet to prevent insects; cut old socks, sew together to make mops, light, clean and clean, and wash well, dry.