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Socks Manufacturing Process
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Socks manufacturing process: 

1, raw color proofing ─ ─ ordering raw materials ─ ─ socks design ─ ─ socks proof ─ ─ determine the process

2, socks large goods production ─ ─  Stereotype and ironing - finishing and packaging 

2) Socks specific weaving process:

1, according to different countries, regions, different seasons, different occasions, different occupations, different price points for men, women, children to purchase the required socks. 

2. According to the required socks, the socks manufacturer purchases different main and auxiliary materials and jacquard materials. 

3, according to customer needs, separate sample socks and prenatal samples. 

4. According to the sample socks selected by the customer, the socks manufacturer purchases the original and auxiliary materials. 

5, according to the customer selected socks, the socks manufacturer's engineering and technical personnel, to develop a reasonable socks weaving process.